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  1. Just phoned Orange and after much scampering around he said the only thing he can see regarding this is something coming the end of June and that it's nowhere on the system at the moment. So tough luck at the moment basically.
  2. Any news on when we can switch to this deal. Only been waiting, erm, 5 YEARS!
  3. rhaleuk

    New Orange price plans

    Just to throw in my thoughts on this subject: As a business we have been with Orange since they started. So thats well over 10 years now. Right now our monthly spend is about ?400-?500 over 5 phones. 2 phones account for 80% of that, the rest are just occasional use. Every year we look around in hope of saving money, find a better deal, tell Orange about it and they match it. Or match it near enough to make it not worth moving. We have free insurance now and make good use of it. If a phone is faulty or not operating 100%, even if the buttons stick a bit, we get a new phone. If I called Orange at 3pm today I would have a new phone by the time I went to bed... which is exactly what you want from on business plan. Upgrades are normally pretty easy and plentiful... and we NEVER have to wait the full 12 months. Infact, I had an M5000 from them for free, got fed up with it after 4 months and changed it without hassle. So any complaints? ... Well the coverage is still poor, at home and at work. But we did a test a while back and bought PAYG SIMS from all the other networks and the only one with better coverage was O2, but their customer service has quite a bad reputation. Also, one of the local masts was broken a few years ago in a storm and Orange point blank refuse to fix it or tell us when the service will get better as there apparently arent enough users in the area to warrant it. That really did annoy us to be honest! And finally, data plans. Increasingly the phones are getting better and better at dealing with web pages etc and a few of the more techy users on the contract would like an unlimited data plan but the price is insane and way out of line with the rest of market now. So fingers crossed that gets looked at soon. On the whole, still a pretty positive feeling about Orange to be honest. The continual free upgrades and free incusrance are just about managing to keep us. Hopefully I'll be able to say the same in another 12 months.
  4. rhaleuk

    M5000 essential programs

    PocketBreeze, with the PocketWeather plugin is ace. Its WM5 specific too.
  5. rhaleuk

    Whats the verdict on M5000?

    You can add another to list of people with an Orange M5000 working WITHOUT PROBLEMS. No dropped calls, no problem with opening screen to answer calls, no problem with screen rotation. I have to say... free wifi RULES!
  6. rhaleuk

    Whats the verdict on M5000?

    You CAN make and receive calls fine with this phone. Even when in "clamshell" mode. I dont know why people are making such a stink about having to turn the screen around. It takes all of 2 seconds. The screen update does not take as long as people are suggesting. Especially if you manage the memory correctly. I will admit that an external screen would be of benefit. It would be naive to suggest otherwise. But other than that I think people are being overly critical!
  7. rhaleuk

    Shutdown PC from PPC

    I know SailingClicker lets you shut down your PC remotely. It can use bluetooth or wifi... (local) but there are TCP/IP setting in there so you might be able to tunnel it somehow. That would be ace actually!
  8. rhaleuk

    PIM for Universal

    I'm not 100% sure it does what you want it to... but I use PocketBreeze from here.
  9. rhaleuk

    Whats the verdict on M5000?

    Don't forget its got bluetooth; so if you have a headset you can still use this device as a phone. Some of us actually make a few phone calls with it and it works quite well... despite what others would have you think.
  10. rhaleuk

    Bad qaulity SKYPE

    If it helps I installed the beta version today and it is MUCH more stable than before. I still dont think it is designed for WM5 (certainly not VGA) but it was good enough to keep installed. Unlike before.
  11. rhaleuk

    Whats the verdict on M5000?

    Thats an unfair statement. The DEVICE is not of beta level. It is wrong to mislead people and say that. In my opinion there is substandard software available for the device... software not designed for it. In my use thus far the device is performing to expectations. It is a unique design, with new software and unmatched hardware features. The software (discounting the Orange homescreen) appears more robust than previous versions and is a good starting point. Pocket versions of Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Zip Utility, PDF viewer, Media Player... all perform well and are relatively stable. I have imported Excel workbooks without issue, and also wrote small projects in Word. Internet explorer copes well (i advise zooming out) I can use GMail, Modaco, Amazon, eBay... all in a perfectly acceptable manner and with good speed over wifi. I will admit certain apps... such as RealPlayer and the non beta version of Skype are poor ports and let the side down, but I still believe the device is of huge use and can increase ones productivity hugely.
  12. rhaleuk

    M5000 Available For Upgrades

    It does have the homescreen but you can turn it off and it has much performance when you do so.
  13. rhaleuk


    I dont get 3G coverage at home (tsk... why would I!) but I have to say I seem to get 3G in about 70%-80% of the places I visit. Quite impressed really.
  14. rhaleuk

    SD Cards

    Rather brilliantly "betaplayer" can play all the videos I have already converted for the PSP. These were made using PSPWare on Mac OSX. It does require an AAC codec to be added which is where things go a bit prickly on the legal side so I wont link to it. Google is thy friend 8)
  15. rhaleuk

    Slow. Too slow?

    Not to sound too surprised or anything... but you are all right. Turning off error reporting and the Orange homescreen plugin increased the "responsiveness" of the phone hugely.

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