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  1. that's good news & bad news, what about the HTC HD 2??
  2. I was looking forward to the Omnia 2, but its no where in sight! the HTC HD2 or Leo looks promising, but it may not come to Verizon for a long time:(
  3. thinking of upgrading to either the imagio or the droid, what do you think?
  4. i get these videos files as attachments in my email. do i need to save it & THEN open it? i thought i could open it in my mail as attachment?
  5. sometimes i get large 5mb video files, i try to download but get a message that the file is too large. is there a program i can use to view these large video files on my phone? THANKS
  6. Hey'Mastergreeny' great job!!! quick question, i have spb 3 set up perfectly, is there a big difference in 3.5.1, if not ill stick with 3.5, its working flawlessly. THANKS date='Nov 9 2009, 20:47' post='1107365'] uild Version 23088 MS3.5.1 Beta "Deja Entendu" is now available in Post #3!!!!
  7. really like what u did with the clock & weather AND the whole ROM, great work! thanks for sharing.
  8. really love your work, great job guys!!!. my only problem is that the active sync keeps trying to sync, it wont stop. this is bad when its NOT in the cradle. im talking about the icon to the right of the blue blue tooth icon. the active sync icon, it KEEPS SPINNING???
  9. ok, thanks, will you be adding or tweaking anything else into the MS ROM, before i try it out? by the way thanks for your contributions to this ROM, excellent work!:D
  10. looks good, however i want to wait until masterg cooks in the updates & any other tweaks. i have a question, is this the full version of MS3.5 or trial?
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