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  1. Can anyone help me with that i have a list of files but when i put it in my I8000 Coreplayer / touch players reads it randomly like 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 12 how to fix this? please
  2. Been using stock rom 6.1 professional and been happy so far with it though. The only problem is the HD Asphalt4 wont auto detect G-sensor which i'd like to use it via 6.5 ROM Need a lil advice before flashing this to 6.5 I've read everything about flashing on I8000 already so just need advices on stable 6.5 ROM Till this date (i mean stable + good rom)
  3. That only changes the wallpaper on the today'screen
  4. Hello guys like the black background of the classic root theme how do we change it to a wallpaper or something?
  5. Any Ideas on this video (I8000)? doesnt load at all...hmmm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvnMySnOJ_4
  6. Yes i had this installed on my I8000 16gb version with the latest spb mobileshell 3.5.5 build 10087 But when i tried to activate WIDGETS > then restart (soft reset) > i still cannot see new widgets in the list
  7. i tried to select but none of them working.... doesn't affect whatsoever
  8. is there a way just to change the clock widget only and u theme is white (i want black hihi)
  9. Anyone give me a hand on this I want to add this as widget but dont know how to replace this cant find a way to make it selectable in this last picture any idea on how to do this? with I8000?
  10. i have an I8000 with Tmobile right now, can i use this phone with tmobile data plan service? like web2go...ect... or 3G, edge, gprs anykind?
  11. solved thanks :) i was a bit low :)
  12. i accidently created another shortcut for skyfire as in these 2 pix below, how to remove one of those? i tried to hold down but there's no option to delete :)
  13. can anyone have skyfire sound today as of June 07 2010?

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