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  1. Steff, Your ROMs are BEST I've seen since I got my Omnia 3 years ago.
  2. Steff, Downloading from Rapidshare is very time consuming and difficult for non-pro account holders. Please upload it to Mediafire or some other site.
  3. Hi Steff Downlading from fileshare.ro is impossible. As suggested, I clicked almost fifteen times on Download button but everytime it open a new window with XXX stuffs. Can you upload it to anyother source.
  4. Steff I'm using your ROMs from the day one and found the best ROMS ever. The links given on page 1 for Normal are not working.
  5. Sorry, I';m using IE but it is still taking me to some weird sites full of porn.
  6. Leap_ahead I've downloaded the file and have installed it. I'll give it a try when I'll be in my car. I checked and its advanced options are showing Phonebook but I'm still unable to transfer my phonebook to my Bluetooth device.
  7. I've JVC AVX-44 Car Audio System with inbuilt Bluetooth. My Omnia pairs perfectly but when I try to transfer my phonebook, it hangs and my omnia does not transfer the phone book.
  8. Hi I was using 28205 build fromn RZYRY earlier and yesterday I downloaded 28230 and have found following issues in it. In prev. build these issues were not present. 1. While using PIMBackup to restore your previously backed data, after performing all the tasks it hangs and if you reset the Mobile, you are back to 0. 2. The Camera application is having some fonts issues because all the text is appearing like compressed and overlapped. I'm not able to capture images from mobile to show the actual. If any one help me then I'll post screen capture also.
  9. I've installed 28205 build of yours and found that after few days, storage memory reduces from the original 150 Mb to just 5Mb and I'm unable to find out the reason.
  10. RZRY Can you upload the 28014 build with smaller pagepool.
  11. Hi Jurr you need to go to Setting > Clocks and then disable all the alarms that come up as Wake Up alarms.
  12. Hi I installed your ROM 23509 (V10) today and found that Battery drains outr very fast. Within 4 hours, I recharged the battery twice. This was not the case with v. 23506 (V9).
  13. Hi Nick I posted above query sometime back when you suggested me to post the message in forum instead of sending PMs but it is still not replied. May be because of your busy schedule. Can anyone help me in this respect so that I can complete my first Customised ROM.
  14. In M2D version, HTC G-Sensor Calibration automatically popsup and there is no way to close it.
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