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  1. wonderful and light, thanks, but maybe I've found a minor bug <Item class="tPlug" title="Todayclock2" > so the digital clock doesn't appear as in the screenshot
  2. basically the End key shows the today page and this skin, as I wrote, it's not a today plugin in order to get full screen. Overlook it's not closed, but it's like "reduced to icon". But the "menu button" (upper right) gives you a fast way to recall Overlook (hopefully). However, with AE Button Plus (http://aeinc.ru/aebplus.php) (now freeware!) it's possible to remap even the End Call button. But then, at least on my phone, I cannot reject/close a call (if any) with the End Call button. Try and choose the best for you
  3. cool and here the hubs from paulojdaniel Copy the folder named “IFOLDERS” where you want and test each exe of the subfolder. The bad is that an appropriate setting of the links is required
  4. @all glad you like it you can add empty icons, so you can place icons everywhere (but like on a virtual 4x4 grid) When you'll become tired to do "long tap-add icon-ok" "long tap-add icon-ok" as times as needed, open icon.xml and write the necessary lines, i.e. <icon name="YouTube" image="cyanogen\web\Youtube.png" exec="\Windows\Start Menu\Programmi\YouTube.lnk" animation="1" /> <icon animation="1" /> <icon animation="1" /> ...................... <icon animation="1" /> <icon animation="1" /> <icon name="MToolbox" image="cyanogen\apps\Easy-Tether.png" exec="\Windows\Start Menu\Programmi\mToolbox.lnk" animation="1" /> Actually I've no time to make the "android phone 7" skin, but using a similar approach, paulojdaniel has made the "windows phone 7 skin" http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1281239
  5. Hi there Overlook derives from iphonetoday and it's a full screen today replacement with scrollable wallpaper. Since it's not intended as a today plugin, the menu hardware button (warning!) is assigned to Overlook for an easily access. It's fast, no memory eater and designed for Omnia. Ipt is not required. To install, disable all today plugin before and then softreset. A shortcut will be placed to windows\startup (warning!) I've made the CyanoGen skin for me, so you can find some italian words and broken links. You can edit/add icons by a long tap (I can't give great support, that's why is for developer or power users only). There are 6 wallpapers and about 160 cyanogen icons (with 3 new exclusive icons) Other themes (like android phone 7 and WM7) could be ported. And inside the cab you can find a FULL clockopia font set! Now no more block squares, no more headache, no more zzzfont ;) Feel free to modify it. download
  6. to remove the operator name from the home page you have to edit a registry key (not related with the theme) HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila2D\Home\HideNetworkName ---> set to 1 to hide :D
  7. TOASTY! :D Ssi42_BlackFroyo_Lock_TOASTY_by_ink_nero.cab
  8. with UTASK you can easily fix the position of any keyboard (and most of apps) and there's no "message bug" like ameba
  9. if you need to edit resources inside a dll file, these could be useful http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=562645 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=432041 Restuner or PE explorer are shareware, Reshacker freeware. Remember to resign the dll
  10. well, maybe it's my issue but frequency is always at 0.0 Mhz and sometimes autosearch keeps on even if a TMC station is tuned. Igo auto or manual tuning seems that is ignored. I'll send you log of a failed session
  11. now works, tnx , tomorrow i'll test it in a traffic jam :D
  12. welcome back beta 3 not works, i've got this: OpenDevice: FAILURE Error: The specified network resource or device is no longer available. SDKCert cooked in, readded via cab but no change reinstalled beta 2, still working
  13. that symbols shows the GPS status (not connected/connected) :)
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