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  1. hi all! I just flashed my omnia with normal rom and have a few wuestions because i was m2d user and trying out the normal one :P 1. can i add a weather tab? 2. does S2U2 work? 3. Where can i find settings to add tabs in home screen? tnx 4 answer regards
  2. try selecting another operator (not yours) and leave the phone trying to connetct for a minute or two! than select your own (home) mobile operator and try connect the internet again (on gprs or 3G). It worked for me always. but if the phone is connected to a wifi it won't connect on gprs or 3G. regards
  3. hey everyone! I found another problem! Maybe someone already posted about it but still! My phone is constancly freezing when sms-ing and emailing. Just today I receved a sms and the phone freezed I made a soft reset on the reset button and all the smss were gone! ;) any ideas whats going on?! regards
  4. thanks for the help SRS WOW did help and now i can play my music again in my car! YEEEEEEEEEEY thank again for all the help! keep up the good work! regards
  5. hi! I still have a problem with the BT handsfree car instalation! any ideas? tnk and regards
  6. hello again! i found another problem! maybe i just don't know how to turn this on! I have a handsfree instalation in my car (parrot) and it play mp3s via bluetooth. but now when i flashed my phone with your ROM the handsfree instalation doesn't play on the car speakers but when i push play on the console of the instalation the phone starts to play on his own speaker (phone speaker) and i can't control forward and back songs on my console of handsfree instalation! have any ideas what is wronk or maybe i'm just missing something! thanks for the help regards
  7. hey everyone! must say this latest ROM is great and i'm using it right now but I have a problem. When i turn on Music tab and go there (i'm using M2D ROM) under the big icon it only says searching and there is no music found! any ideas? tnx and keep up the good job ;) and one thing more! it aoutomaticaly starts windows media player and there is an error: cannot play the file. the file is either corrupted or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play. and all the music I have on my phone is playable by windows media player (tested everything)
  8. One question! Today i wanted to make a video call and its not working (my provider supports video calls via UMTS so it should work)! Is tehere something missing in the ROM (i have M2D) Tnx, regards!
  9. hey all! i have another question! Is tehere a cab file to install only hte app that is in SPB shell that downloads the picture from the persons facebook profile?! I know its stupid but its the easyest way to add picture to a person you want ;) tnx for the help
  10. hy! thnx for the help! yes what I wanted was the Favourite Settings. I downloaded it and installed it but now i can't find fav settings to add them to the upper side button! any ideas? tnx for the help
  11. Try the ebay and buy a new set of buttons or if you buy a new screen and digitizer and buttons i think it will be cheapper than 200€! A few months ago i ordered from China digitizer and screen and they sent it to Slovenia (EU) and the price of all (including tax and shipment) was about 79€! regards PS: zrdravo joža ;) redki smo slovenci kle na forumu ;)
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