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  1. Yes i can confirm i've got same problem with above samsung live wallpapers.
  2. Batter to include all. Keep the sim inside while flashing after flash process finish language will be back to English from Russian. Once flash process finish phone will reboot itself to normal mode. :lol:
  3. Ah that grate i've been waiting for thing for long time. Downloading now.
  4. frostbite

    Another potential performance boost?

    I've got same black screens, removed the app for now. My GS is so fast with the other tweak you showed us. Waiting for kitchen. :lol:
  5. frostbite

    Flash now your Samsung Galaxy S

    Could you please inform us all about your finding, as speed or new features etc. ;)
  6. frostbite

    I have one arriving tomorrow!

    To get mass storage working, connect the phone to USB>Mass Storage>Drop Down Notifaction Bar>Hit Mount.
  7. frostbite

    3G on Rooted with HTC Desire UI

    I had same problem last weekend not with any alpha desire rom but after upgrading to CM from 5.0.4. Ive don every thing i could to fix it like reflashing radio, revert back to stock rom and flashed to modaco rom and after killing my whole Sunday i end send it to HTC and they fixed it for me. As soon they saw a big padlock opened they whacked me £128 bill inc posting cost to post back to me. <_< Now today I've received my phone back all working with locked bootloader and 38 MB of free ram. :mellow: Am gona unlock the boot loader again and flash it to modaco 1.8 later tonight, bit scared though.
  8. I came back from work and as soon as I enter in the house my wife said you have a letter from DHL, I thought sh*it as i knew what's in side it. VAT bill of £66.29. :)
  9. frostbite

    And shipped

    Ok mine has shipped, Am expecting an other spare one next week some time, as i thought my original order was canceled.
  10. frostbite

    Delivered 14:45

    Here is a new story. I've just made a fresh order. Lets see how that goes. :) There is no way you can get live support from google, I've just tried above number. B) Now i think we need some one from press to find the whole story and help us out. Hello, Thank you for your email. Based on the information you've provided, it seems that Google Phone Webstore indicated that they've cancelled or refunded your Google Order #813125317869710; however, your Google Checkout account does not yet reflect this update. While you may have received notification about this order change, the seller has yet to make this adjustment in your Google Checkout account. If your account does not reflect this change after one business day, you may wish to contact the seller directly for additional information. To learn how to contact the seller, see https://checkout.google.com/support/bin/ans...py?answer=43070 You can confirm the details of your order's status in your Google Checkout account at https://checkout.google.com/view/receipt?t=813125317869710 We appreciate your patience. Kind regards, The Google Checkout Team
  11. frostbite

    Delivered 14:45

    Looks like most of us who order with CC are having problem with there orders. I've ordered back on 5th and its still not shipped. I may just cancel my order tomorrow.
  12. frostbite

    And shipped

    Am in a same boat mate order mine on 5th, no chance of delivery yet, am thinking to just cancel it tomorrow. :)
  13. frostbite

    And shipped

    I've just had a little chat with my CC customer service, i've been told that transaction has been authorised but merchant has not claim the payment yet. Really strange that. I've also been told by my CC company that if merchant doesn't claim the money with in next 7 days they will cradit money back to account. Am thinking where to go :)
  14. frostbite

    And shipped

    Am really doing best to be relax but when i see all these DHL storys i just panic B) I'll try to play with my HD2 for time being.
  15. frostbite

    And shipped

    I've been watching this thread for few days now, i order mine on 5th 21.28. Till today no shippment i didn't even get it engraved. Contacting google was pointless as i was geting same automated reply every time i email them. I dodn't know who should i talk to. In UK atleast here is some sort of phone number you can ring and talk to some live and find out was going on. Am geting killed out here. :)

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