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  1. Hi all Just thought you should know running a Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery completely flat should be avoided when ever possible as these types of battery really do not react well to being run flat in fact it shortens both thier longevity and their ability to take and hold a full charge they can be charged form any level to full with no harm but running them flat does damage them. Marc
  2. @cowballz I had the Galaxy S and it was no where near as good as the Streak's in my honest opinion and i took my Streak and held it next to an Iphone4 and an HD7 all with brightness on full and again found the Streak's screen to be better then either of those i don't know maybe my Streak is special but i doubt it but do you have your Streak's screen on full brightness? and auto brightness disabled? as it makes a huge difference and i stand by what i say and am in no way a fanboy either. Marc
  3. Hi all Well after re calibrating my Battery in the Battery Left App and running v.1.6.1 for a few days my battery life has gone from 31hrs 37 mins to now giving me 34hrs 14mins the only problem i saw on this Rom was Seven kept FC but after reinstalling a newer version that fixed that problem. I did a straight upgrade from v.1.6.0 to v1.6.1. no resets or clearing anything with an empty .txt file on my SD card and as mentioned before i am seeing a Quadrant score of 2465 so for me its all been good. The only thing i have that may be different to others is i have only added about 30 apps maybe less really is better sometimes as i do find it quite strange the huge variations in users experiences running the same version on the same devcie. Marc
  4. Hi all Well i must admit i really find some of the comments here a little strange first of all those of you that want SAMOLED why just because its the latest buzz tech? as personally i think the screen on the Streak is very good mind you i always have mine set on full brightness as i do with every devcie i use oh and i am still seeing over 34hrs 14 mins battery life from a full charge now on v1.6.1 up from the previous 31hrs 37mins. That's not by turning everything off either i have two push e-mail accounts running 24/7 Weather updating every 4hrs and background syncing on but i only turn on Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when I'm actually using them. I recently compared the Streaks screen to the Galaxy S i owned and also a iPhone4 and HD7 and IMHO the Streaks screen with them all set to full brightness was the best as for everyone wanting the Tegra2 chip over what we have really just why is that yet another hot new buzz processor i have no issues with the power the 1GHz Snapdragon produces on our Streaks along with the great battery life. Neither a new screen nor processor at this time would get me to upgrade my current Streak especially as i am now seeing a Quadrant score of 2465. But as always whats best for me may not be for anyone else and we all free to spend our money how we please but as i said i just find some of these points made a little strange. Marc
  5. Hi all I can now confirm that ScreenShot does work on this Rom 1.6.1 well at least it is for me if you already have it installed remove it and then re install it and it should be all good. Marc
  6. Hi all I use ScreenShot for my screen captures and after first upgrading like others was constantly getting an error and no picture taken or saved so i tried a few of the other apps that also failed but today i removed it and then re downloaded and installed ScreenShot again and now its working fine just thought this may also be useful and also work for some of you. Marc
  7. Hi all Upgraded straight from 1.60 no resets or clears just moved the install.cfg file from the Android folder to the root of my SD card and renamed it install.txt as instructed and flashed the new zip, Maps, Rock Player and everything else seems to be working well with the exception of screenshot and other screen capture apps I've tried all throw up an error. Running Quadrant is now super fast and is giving me a score of 2418. So once again many thanks to Steve and all involved in this great Rom who needs a 2.3 Rom anyway. Marc
  8. Hi all I am still getting the same great battery life out of 1.6 as i have with previous builds i use Battery Widget which show me 31hrs 37 mins on full charge and i can easily go 24hrs before needing to charge my Streak. I have brightness set to full as i have always done with two E-mail accounts being pushed 24/7 using Seven, Data Sync on, Weather updating every 4hrs and use Bluetooth streaming for about 1-2hrs Music per day but only turn on GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi when needed and am currently overclocked to 1152 Max 245 Min using the smartass setting giving me a Quadrant score of 1917. The only thing i may have different to many of you is that i only have about 30 apps installed and no FB or Twitter. Marc
  9. Hi all I no am no longer active on Twitter but do have what i hope is a useful suggestion put that letter in an e-mail and send it to [email protected] now i can't guarantee Micheal Dell will actually get to see the e-mail but it does go to his office and possibly stands a better chance of getting a reaction then anything else i can think of. I hope this may be of help. Marc
  10. Hi all, Just got around to flashing 1.60 earlier today from being on 1.5.1 by adding the streakdroid and install.cfg folders in my Android folder i left the install.cfg empty and just flashed 1.6.0 using Clockwork without any clearing or resets at all and it all went smoothly with no hitches at all really like the new Bios animation on start up and the new style transitions are also very good IMO. Everything is running fine and faster and smoother then before all i needed to do was re install ADW EX and set up my 4 screens and Widgets again and am now seeing around 1751 score in Quadrant using the smartass setting in SetCPU with Max at 1113 min at 245. So once again many thanks to Steve and anyone else that has contributed to making this latest great Rom i really don't think I'll be swapping my Streak for anything else anytime soon. Marc
  11. Hi offthahorse, As said by the previous posters Beautiful Widgets does all that you want plus offers lots of skins for both Weather and clocks plus quite a few other Widgets to been using it since i started using Android devices and wouldn't be without it now is for me a must have app. Marc
  12. Hi all I have now been running this build for 5 days and so far with no issues at all i am still getting the same great battery life as always which shows 31hrs odd on being fully charged and is easily lasting me 20hrs plus with reasonably heavy use so for me its all been good. The only thing i notice is compared to a lot of users i have very few apps installed at around 25 maybe that makes a difference as to how well my Streak is running and explains both the stability and battery life although i do run Seven for real time push E-Mail on two accounts all the time and Weather updates every 4hrs as well as background sync being on. WiFi and Bluetooth are only turned on when needed but i do use Bluetooth to listen to Music for about 2hrs a day also. @popetodd Are you running Quadrant whilst the phone is in Portrait mode? as i have always found it doesn't work well or sometimes at all if in Landscape mode I'm also now using the Quadrant Advanced Version and getting scores of around 1334 without any overclocking and don't feel any need to overclock at this time as everything runs so fast and smooth anyway. Marc
  13. Hi all, Never used any screen protector on my Streak and never had any issues with response either personally i just don't see the need for one and of course not all screen protectors are as good as each other so f you are having issues try without using a screen protector for a short while and you will quickly know if that's the cause or not. Marc
  14. Hi all I keep seeing mention of this sticky Lock screen yet have never actually experienced it on any of Steve's Rom's for me i don't know maybe I've just been lucky but i don't Flash the first version of new Roms and wait until a few fixes have been added and then i just don't seem to have any problems at all. Marc
  15. Hi BigHeadDog Ignore that message and choose the option to choose a zip file and scroll down till you find the one you want and you should then be able to apply it, hope that helps. Marc
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