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  1. Did u just did a PPCPIMBackup restore? Cause everytime I complete a restore it will be very slow on everything until you do a reset
  2. Anyone having problem with CHT2 Quicklinks --> toggle switch --> "Flight Mode"? It used to work in 1.8.5 but with the latest ROM with CHT2.0, this switch is not working, same goes for "Data" switch.
  3. Avantgarde, i'm not sure is this correct, after install...i get the message bubble from the SMS tab...but if i go to HTC people and click send SMS to a particular person...the SMS screen is black and i can't type anything...but it did not crash sense.
  4. Now I'm confused now...so which one supposed to fix the send SMS crashing sense? This one Pyrorob_HTC_Messaging_Client_v.cab ? or htc_people.rar ? Thank you.
  5. Do you guys ever read the thread? :) You can restore Tahoma font in order to read Chinese font. Here's the link http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=62254
  6. If you want video call, u need to install Samsung Dialer which are mentioned all over this thread...do a search
  7. Read the threads.....its all there. EnergyROM always has PPCPIMBackup built in...go to Start Menu, Tools, PIM Backup and select Storage card as your backup source. The after upgrade go back to PIM Backup and do a restore.
  8. Seriously, do you guys ever read the threads! :P OMNIA2 has serious memory issue, if you want more RAM u need to switch to compact menu by going into Sense Settings, Others, then "Start Menu Layout Switch" or just the normal start, Settings, then Swith layout Menu or something.
  9. Using send message function in HTC contacts still crashes Sense on the latest build...I'm on 21916 Cookie - Touch of Glass version. Can anyone tell me if you guys are facing the same problem on 21st Oct builds?
  10. Yeah...the random SAMSUNG apps closing is still happening even after a soft reset with 68mb of free RAM. So its not your device damage :) The most stable build is still 21916.
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