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  1. I've been asked for my icon files and the background. If anyone has issues downloading, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send them directly to you. As I stated before, if you want an icon with different wording I can create them quickly and send them to you. iFonz_icons.zip
  2. I created them myself using Gimp, if you want the files PM me. If you want other ones I didn't create let me know, I can make them real quick.
  3. Here's my screen shots. I use iFonz, I made the icons from scratch.
  4. Where in the registry are you supposed to paste that file from HoFo?
  5. Here is my theme for iFonz on the omnia. I use 56x56 icons so they are fairly large.Use if you like it. I can make custom icons if you need them, they only take a minute to make in this style. Teal.Grey.zip

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