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  1. went into my local orange shop on friday and asked about this phone. the guy told me orange will not be releasing it as they have had problems with it..............
  2. found it. but its only got 2 settings 30k or 100k so can i not send anything larger than 100k?
  3. i just tried to send a video via mms and it says its too large (180k) and i need to increase the allowed message size. well i cant find it anywhere please help
  4. found this link on pocket pc thoughts http://www.mml.com.tw/newsdetail.php?id=1103
  5. got my flexiskin case a few days back and.............it dont fit its for the sda music. so it dont align properly it looks a little to short, im going to keep it though until something better comes along. it offers great protection and very grippy which i wanted, just wish it fit correctly........
  6. ooohhhh just read the thread about using another gps device with tom tom, thats cleared that up then... does anyone know about having to physically press a button on the parrot device to dial someone or can you just blurt out HOME and it calls home. the reason i ask is im a wheelchair user so one hand on steering wheel and the other on my"hand coontrols" so no spare hands.. n :o also anyone used tom tom g0 500 apparently we can use it for hands free.
  7. just ordered one, ill let you know how it is
  8. hi rik, so when you use keywords do you just say them and it dials, no buttons to be pressed?
  9. hi, i have a c550 and need hands free in the car, so i was thinking of getting a parrot ck330 which has hands free dialing i think (do you need to press a button on the ck330 to do this?) then i thought i could get sat nav, can you just buy the software from tom tom and use the parrots gps, they say its compatiible on their website but im aware you have to use the officiial tom tom gps receiver (probably to stop people buying tom tom off ebay) then i noticed tom tom go 500 has bluetooth handsfree and have now started to get a little confused ;-) , so has anyone used any of these combinations or know of a better handsfree solution thanks Deo
  10. Has anyone ordered one of these off ebay?
  11. i asked the modaco shop if the c500 cradle would work with the c550 i got this reply "No, there is a slight difference in shape so it will not work, the manufacturer is currently developing a new cradle for the C550, news will be posted on MoDaCo when they are ready. Regards SME Solutions" dont know about a wall charger other than the one it came with deo
  12. i have the problem here's my rom version 4.21.1088 (build 15159.2.6.4) rom update versions: operator: manufacturer: microsoft: 4.21.15159.0 file system 4.21.15159.0
  13. mines the same rom same problem. my new 1gb memory card yesterday with a converter so i could use it in my card reader worked great ans sounds way better than my e200. but cant keep taking the phone apart to sync music. whats the next step now then, how do we get this fixed?
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