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  1. Its here in my thread at XDA : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=655911 Although I have released a better solution to this problem later. Check this one out first, i think you will like it more :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=935170
  2. It won't work as the placement of the buttons is controlled by a dialer DLL file. That file, if taken from a phone with smaller res, wont map the coordinates of the buttons right. So even if graphics is resized, the dialer wont work.
  3. Can you let us know what method u applied to get the decryption code?
  4. IF i am not wrong, those are JC2 files? Why are you uploading these?
  5. oh and how will one get this password thing? Is it available on the Samsung server somehow, in some form? Anybody has any idea? I am asking this because as per my analysis of the FUS downloaded its based on public key encryption technology which does not involve passwords like this. Its more like a long string in the case of these kind of encryption techniques.
  6. @Dasklos: What decoder are u talking about? Can you please explain in a bit more detail?
  7. I am trying to understand the decryption mechanism by decompiling/reverse engineering the code of Samsun FUS downloader. Its based on public key encryption so we are dependent on Samsung servers for decryption and internet connection is required while decrypting. If successful, i'll make it a standalone application.
  8. I've downloaded the rom. Will research on decrypting it and upload the decrypted version if I am successful. Otherwise, If I am not successful by tonight, I'll upload it as it as for others to check out. Lets see. and by tonight i mean Indian Standard time (GMT+5:30) :D
  9. Which tool are you using to connect to FUS servers? Can u give download link? The tool i have is giving unhandled exception on connecting?
  10. JC3??? Really? Coz the latest till now was JC2. Hey guys, can anybody try to verify this? I tried but Samsung Firmware Downloader and Samsung FUS programs are not working now. @Davka: which mobile downloader are you talking about?
  11. [email protected], these samsung guys will never change. They gave him the update that they never actually released. This is more of a test release, not even optimized properly. JE2 is just JC2 with some fixes applied through CSC. PDA part is exactly the same. PLus the csc takes 25 MB of phone memory. Good for nothing. :X
  12. My primary browser is set to Opera Mini. For most sites where I only need to view content, it works great and fast. For others, and for downloading software, I user Opera 10. And for websites that require device detection, I use IE. Plus, for some sites, IE is the only choice otherwise they dont work. So I use a combo, like many others, in this order : Opera Mini > Opera 10 > IE
  13. @jrtancinco : Buddy, I like some of your preferences, specifically points 1 and 3. I have incorporated these changes in V2 of the cab :D For the name of Account, I still personally feel that the text SMS/MMS is more appropriate than Messaging. But anyways, thanks a lot for the suggestions, specially the MenuOrder one. :D
  14. @Midezio hmm.. now thats a good direction. I will work on it. I think i can make these changes in my cab only. The difference between your method and mine is that mine takes very little phone memory and you can use samsung's mms composer along with its autoconfiguration functionality. I think for mms composing, Samsung's composer is much better than arcsoft. UPDATE : Hey Buddy, can you share the arcsoft cab you are using?? I need some registry settings and settingsdll.dll from it.
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