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  1. I have tried installing JBlend and Jbed but whenever i try running with sound on the java crashes.. any ideas ?
  2. Where do you go to delete the call logs ? Would prefer to delete individual entries if possible. Thanks..
  3. Thanks very much, works nicely :D To carry on from this though i've now also put a widget on the lifestyle screen to do the same thing. However what now needs doing to change icon ?
  4. Is there a way to widget the contacts so it opens directly into carousel contacts mode ? Thanks
  5. Press the 'dial' key to the left of the optical pad to bring up the dialer With the onscreen keypad input *#1546792*# Select 'Preconfiguration' Enter code *#81230*# and select OK Select 'Singapore', with the default Operator Accept this, DEVICE WILL HARD RESET Ok so im stumped on the simplest of stages... Mine comes up with unknown command should i give up if i can't even get this bit right !?
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