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  1. chunga

    jm5 out

    are you going to include the "JP3 Lag Fix- ext3 partition via script" in JP3?
  2. Working good JM2 512.pit ext4
  3. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    seems that Paul already rooted desire , we maybe get a version of this rom for nexus
  4. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    He already post on twitter that he is stuck in a country because of the flights in Europe. So calm down people. ;)
  5. BUG: Try to use a software to snap and pick the snapped photo, it doesn't work. ex: touiteur, twicca I think this issue is because the gallery was replaced by the stock one. Also the annoying folder issue is not good
  6. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    I have a problem posting to twitter it shows a popup message to long
  7. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    I think the source isn't out yet
  8. I use 1,113Ghz kernel undervolted with no problems. The only thing I noticed is when I start the camera recording it opens the camera in photo mode. Another issue is related to the photo picker, if you have IE twicca app and want to pick some photos to tweet you can't.
  9. Hi Paul amazing ;), one question, I noticed that boot.img is inside the patch. I'm using the custom OC UV kernel so I have to push the zimage again. Is really needed to be there? I'm Just curious :)
  10. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    The Latest radio is this one You can check here http://android.modaco.com/content/google-n...insecure-himem/
  11. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    If anything goes wrong just flash 19 zip from recovery without wipping
  12. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    FYI: I'm using 1113Mhz kernel on this rom and it's working good, also seems to had good battery life too. HOW TO: kernel link : http://iq0.org/story/nexus-one-1113mhz-stable -=you need fastboot and adb for this=- in the website choose the last compilation : Updated 3/23 -download these two files: zImage-cm_2633.1-oc-uv-xtra http://www.sendspace.com/file/0z0kke lib.tar.gz http://www.sendspace.com/file/yt0uko -extract lib.tar.gz (you'll get a "lib" directory) -open terminal where you extract "lib" directory and write this on prompt: adb remount adb push lib /system/lib (exactly as this) adb reboot bootloader ( or enter fastboot mode trackball + power with your phone off) fastboot flash zimage zImage-cm_2633.1-oc-uv-xtra (hit tab to autocomplete) fastboot reboot your phone will now boot... Download setCPU http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=505419 -Open SetCPU and tell it to autodetect your CPU (Don't choose Nexus from the list!) -Accept the always root dialog -Set the max clock to the highest , tell it to set on boot and choose Ondemand from the dropdown list. Don't forget to reinstall the kernel on each update.
  13. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    more widgets are pointing to http://liveimage.htc.com/wota/Widgets/ but there's nothing in there yet :)
  14. chunga

    MCR r22.1 archive

    bluetooth a2dp works for me, what is that isn't working?

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