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  1. hughwp

    App (Mathcard A levels) will not install

    I asked and they suggested lack of memory so I installed a custom rom mod1.7 with a2sd and the app appeared installed and working! A small problem since I installed mod1.7 is that I get a process hanging (android.input.method.latin) popup when pressing Menu key after booting which have to force close. (see later post for full description)
  2. Just upgraded my u8220 to 1.7 following instruction here, and it boots to opening menu, however when I press menu button a popup "Sorry! Application.android.keyboard(inprocess.com.android.input.method.latin) is not responding. and I have to Force close or wait? anyone know whats going wrong? I had generic Huawei Android Eclair 2.1 ROM on it before presumeably this was ok to upgrade from?
  3. Hi Just got a pulse and tried to install Mathcard A levels app from Android market it downloads but application does not appear after install. It appears this problem needs SD access which I understand is not a feature supported by this phone. I have Huawei Eclair 2.1 and the phone is rooted whatever that means. Question is would upgrading to a custom rom like 1.7 solve this issue and do I just follow the guide on this site, is it straightforward? Rgds
  4. hughwp

    m700 app. unlock??

    Get a reg edit program I use one called PHM regedit and make a registry unlock HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ security \ policies \ policies \ 00001001 -> change value to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ security \ policies \ policies \ 00001005 -> change value to 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ security \ policies \ policies \ 00001017 -> change value to 144 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ security \ policies \ policies -> to add new key “0000101a”: Dword = 1 " -> to add new key “0000101b”: Dword = 1 " I've also seen a file floating around that preports to do a similar thing ie:SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe HTH Hugh
  5. I've got an Orange SPV M700 that was successfully unlocked and radio upgraded and hard spl installed as per trinityguides.info and has been working OK, but I have tried upgrading the ROM to lastest dopod WM6, but cannot get past the bootloader using both usb cable or SD card methods. With usb the bootloader recognises the USB but activesync says there is no phone connected. If I softreset out of bootloader into the WM OS activesync connects OK. I then tried the SD card method of renaming the .nbh file but it won't boot and just comes up with the bootloader screen. I've hard/soft reset the phone with no difference. It looks like I'm stuck with the factory WM5 orange ROM until I can resolve this issue as I've tried 2 PCs with XP and Vista and have now run out of ideas. Anyone got any ideas?

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