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  1. Please release it Paul... for the masses. lol Appreciate all you do bud.
  2. wicked_beav


    Can someone help me to install OSX on a Acer Aspire One? I've read there are some issues with wifi, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. How's 6.5 coming along guys? Haven't stopped in to say hey in a little bit. Still trying to keep up with the latest and greatest with winmo even though I don't have my Omnia any longer.
  4. Does anyone know if this will work with the myTouch 3G???
  5. Yeah, I am using Cyanogen's Stable Build 4.0.1 but haven't tried any Hero roms as I am unsure of how to go about that process. You see I used the one click hack, which maybe could be posted here as well I guess for those who don't know. Then you can flash custom roms and they don't flash spl or radio. But my question is if you know of any Hero roms that don't require you to flash spl and or radio's as well I am unsure how to partition my sd card for ext2/ext3 etc.
  6. If you could please email me at [email protected] for pictures. I'm working on getting some on here, but I'll I have for now is pictures of the phone itself.
  7. I am looking to sell my Omnia i900 with all of my accoessories to any interested parties. I am willing to entertain any and all reasonable offers. I am including 2 car windshield mounts ( 1 is brand new), data cable, wall charger, gel skin case, clear plastic case (brand new), and a few mirrow finished screen protectors. Any interested parties please email me at [email protected] Unfortunately I have made my first adventure into Android land with the myTouch 3g. It has been an ok experience thus far, but I will say our Omnia's are definitely faster so...
  8. Farewell all, I have taken the plunge into Android. Will let ya know what I think when I am more accustomed to using it. Will miss you guys, though I will probably plop back in from time to time as the wife may be taking my Omnia for a spin. Keep up all the good work guys, thanks for everything everyone has contributed and done to make my experience with the Omnia memorable.
  9. Yes and no, you don't get all the different keyboard layouts with the free version. You have to pay to get it all. And obviously there are other sites where you could get it, but we don't post warez here so if you are into that you have to find it on your own.
  10. Has anyone looked at v. 2.0 (Donut)? Is there gonna be any multi-touch? Obviously I know not for our phones but just for Android in general.
  11. It does work as I am on Zeus as well. You still have to go into Clocks & Alarms and then go to the More tab and uncheck the first box.
  12. All that is needed for FTouchSL is for you to install, soft reset and you are done. Do not do anything else.
  13. Well with sector possibly taking a hiatus from cooking, it seems it may coincide well with me maybe moving to Android. Best wishes in whatever you choose sector... you've been the greatest.
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