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  1. You have thought i didnt search but the download for megaupload is suck at 11/264mb, it couldnt go more and the estimated time keep increase.. please help man.. i need this setting to go out tomorrow,, if not i will be in trouble..
  2. Can help please? i need that setting to change my telco gprs provider, it used other company gprs and i cant even access my gprs now. very ridiculous
  3. Can anyone give me the link for the samsung setting cab? i cant find it. please help, have alot of problem of my phone already
  4. Why do i flash the rom, but my custom rom doesnt get remove and it doesnt get to the normal original rom? the rom still have the sense.. anyone can help?
  5. Woah.. thanks for the link to download.. at least now if i got the original rom back, i can trade in or sell away my phone at ease.. =X
  6. Hi guys, somewhere my custom rom have been giving me alot of problem, yesterday and today my phone was unable to turn on due to unknown reason.. When i was flashing my rom, i didnt back up as i didnt know i need to do so Can anyone tell me where can i download the original custom rom for Singapore? as if i want to sell away my phone, at least the phone do have the original rom inside. Please Help.. =(
  7. Why does my phone keep auto connecting my gprs? i already off the weather update.
  8. Wonderful, maybe a couple of month, we will have android on b7610, so we dont need to change our phone already!
  9. I actually did that but to my surprise, yesterday i managed to get the unlock disable, but today, it came back.. =(
  10. I found out something, why the rom said its suppose landscape but when i slide out my keyboard, my screen cant be landscape ? im using megalite rom.. Lastly, sir Daskalo, could you teach me how to disable the window lockscreen? i tried setting it in my samsung setting and s2u2, still no avail.. thank you very much sir
  11. To so much trouble of me, i re flash my rom again and using the main theme, but i was wondering how do i change the other tab wallpaper? managed to change the home screen only...
  12. Lol, i dont know what the heck is happening, the lockscreen have just came back again! seriously dont know what problem is with it, =(
  13. Finally the unlock is no more! i dont know what i did because of this lol!
  14. Yes, i have it install, i have deactivate the lock screen either too..
  15. Is the settting at Advanced, Replace WM6.5 system manual lock? I slide to yes already but still lock..
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