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  1. Wozz, You have the new keyboards from MS in this ROM build. Was reading an article that says in the 28002 build, there are new keyboards included. See : http://www.ADVERT LINK REMOVED.com/htmls/Updated-Wi...cle-a_8076.html Thanks...
  2. Heh - It's M2D, but I don't mind!! Seems far more stable than the stock 6.5 builds and more snappier! Great work Wozz!
  3. Have you figured out how to get around the notifications issue on the Mega build?
  4. Hart, I must say I am enjoying your 7.0 ROM though I am experiencing the same GPS issues as others. I haven't tested it out for more than 5 minutes or so, but will do so today. I like the way 7.0 is and would like future versions the same way. Personally, I enjoy "stock" ROMs like Adryn's "Base" ROM. I switched to yours after Adryn stopped building ROMs and have enjoyed them since...
  5. Anyone notice that then after taking an incoming call, WiFi turns on after about 10 seconds or so while on the call, and doesn't turn off? I just started noticing this on v5 build... rather annoying. May be going back to 4 if this keeps up.
  6. Do you have PureBlack2 in the Today themes? Try that...
  7. Awesome, downloading now! Sent you a couple rounds of beers! <_<
  8. I think he should put his Paypal link on the main page, I wanted to send him a coffee too, but I can't find it (did a quick look)...
  9. BTW - reserve getting hammered for this weekend!! <_<
  10. SAHWEET!! You mentioned before that there were hidden things in previous ROM builds, I haven't really found any, care to give hints?
  11. And to add to this, I don't think you will see 6.5 RTM for a while...
  12. Darn was hoping to kill some time during my dead day at work! lol
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