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  1. OK I Sync-ed my PC with the unit. That is why my data connection was not working. Now I see the map on my unit when it is connected. I have no data connection from my provider. Lets say I want to download a part of a map to my storage card from another part of the country. How would I go about doing that? Google maps worked great for me but the data connection defeated the point of having a built-in GPS device. $25/mo.(through AT&T) for data I feel was too much.
  2. So where did you get Garmin XT? From my understanding the Garmin maps is like $50+ on Ebay, which I don't mind paying. But I am not sure where to get Garmin XT for the i617. I'd like to try it cause the maps are easier to work with. I wish I could learn how to import the opensource maps to my unit but that was a total failure for me.
  3. Google maps requires a data connection to run.
  4. From what I understand, OSM (openstreetmap) offers portions of maps to be exported to a device. I went and saved a portion of a map but had no luck getting it to open up on GPSVP. WHEN EXPORTING: What should you choose as the "format to export" OpenStreetMap XML Data Mapnik Image (is chosen by default and that is what I used) Osmarender Image Embeddable HTML Then it asks for "options": Format: PNG (default and what I used), JPEG, SVG, PDF, Postscript I saw a discussion somewhere that said this should be PNG. Then on GPSVP: MAPS Raster maps Rastermap types I selected "OpenStreetMaps.org map" Then Maps Raster maps Set rastercache folder and then I chose the -SRC folder (which is where I saved the sample map from OSM) Does this all sound right? Did I skip something? Does anyone know of a place where there is a tutorial or a discussion which covers this? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. WM 6.1 with no data connection: From what I understand GPStest must be running in order for, in my case, GPSVP to acquire a satellite signal. That is my situation and others from what I read on the forums. Is there a way to run a GPS program on the i617 without first launching GPStest?
  6. You know what, I am a newb to smartphones so at first I did proceed with caution cause I see they made it very simple to connect to the internet and pay extremely high per mb fees. I checked online with my service provider (AT&T) and they really make it difficult to discern what is internet usage what is text message data usage. I called and the level 1 cust service person did not even know so I said badword it!! I will let it rip and just launch Google maps and use all the features (traffic info, address search) and if I get nailed for some data usage I will claim ignorance and try to get a credit because it was my first month, I am new to this..yadda yadda. Well I got my bill and nothing extra was charged so, unless there is some delay in billing, you do not get charged for traffic info. I know if you go online from a comp that you can get traffic info for free so I assume this is broadcast through GPS satellites and if you have a program that will show it for a charge (Telenav) you will pay but if you have a program that is susidized buy an advertising giant like Google you will get it for free (Google Maps). This is just my perception and my own experience. If I am wrong please feel free to chime in because I see so many versions of what happens and what you can and cannot use to get free GPS info to the i617. Bottom line I have not incurred a data usage charge and it has been over a billing cycle since I started using Google Maps on my i617. Actually if you cannot use the traffic info why on earth would you need GPS. Yes it is nice to show off your free GPS on your phone to your buddys after you had a few but for the day to day commute?!! Even I can remember how to get to work after...well after a few weeks or so. Seriously though, the traffic info is the most useful day to day thing to see if there is a cig alert and you should avoid a certain route. I just today installed WM 6.1 and the first thing I did was install GMaps and it worked right away without the Modaco application. Some say it connects quicker with 6.1 but I have not tested that yet but I did sit it next to my window here at work and I have 5 satellites and I see traffic flow all the way home. I am pleased as hell!
  7. I just downloaded Google Maps to my PC then sync-ed it over to the BJ II and it started working immediately with the maps already there. I don't know if this was available when the thread started. There is a link from Google Maps page to "sideload" it onto your BJ: http://www.google.com/mobile/default/maps.html Works good, even shows traffic conditions. I have to stay off it though, it drains the battery.
  8. I know, and it appears it has been well researched, that the Blackjack i607 and i617 are not Wifi capable. What is the story with Bluetooth internet? I see there are modems that provide Bluetooth internet access but it does not appear to be widely used for public access. Correction I cannot find any listing for Bluetooth internet access. Does anyone have an idea of the direction of this technology? I have pretty much givin up on the idea of getting free internet through my Blackjack and AT&T just rapes you with their data plans. The cheapest one is like $30/month.
  9. I had a hell of a time getting mine to work also. I assume you used the gpstest that is preinstalled on your phone? If you have trouble finding it (which I had, they sure do hide it well) there is a fix that is posted here, post #18 (thanks "thelostsoul" for that it was quite useful): http://www.modaco.com/content/i617-i617-mo...y-bj-ii/#entry0. Try that one first, it does not require any modifications to the ports or special programs to locate/run. It is just a simple program to tell you:'hey this phone has an operating GPS that picks up satellite signals.' It took a few minutes but it should pick up a few satellites even indoors by a window, but try it outside first just to be on the safeside. If that does not work then everything else you may try after that will probably not work. The gpstest is supposed to work even before you make any other settings. I first tried gpsvp and it would not work, then when I installed Google maps (which started right away and works quite good) surprisingly gpsvp started working. So the unit with all these mods might become tempermental.
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