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  1. renesis22

    BenQ E72 - which versions in the wild?

    Yeah, excellent work on the blog- some real good info!
  2. renesis22

    BenQ E72: NoData

    Has anyone got NoData to work on the E72? Ive application unlocked my phone, but NoData won't work. The three GPRS profiles show up, but I get a registry error when I try to disable any of them. Thanks, EDIT- Solved my own problem, I thought application unlock was just the two files in this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/other/271515...n-unlock-guide/ But after some reading, turns out I had to run SDA Application Unlock from here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...st&p=543555 NoData works perfectly now! Hope this info might help anyone else that was as stupid as me!
  3. renesis22

    Benq E72: No Headset or Car Profile?

    No headset profile in mine either (Expansys)
  4. renesis22

    BenQ E72 - which versions in the wild?

    Finally got a chance to reply to this post properly, got the phone from Expansys. 1.) Which logo appears when you boot up the phone? BenQ 2.) Which languages can be selected in Start->Settings->Regional Settings->Language: US English, Espanol, Turkce, Polski, Pyccknn. 3.) Which languages can be selected for T9, e.g. in Home->(Right SoftKey)Contact->New(First Name)->(Long Press * Key) Is there an extra menu item "T9 Languages" + which are selected after that? T9 English, T9 Russian, T9 Turkish, T9 Spanish, T9 Polish 4.) Which additional SW is installed on the phone (apart from WM6)? - is MobileOffice installed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)? No - any special Homescreenmodules? Facade - IM, Messenger - Windows Live - Audio Notes, Calendar, Tasks, Traveller - Bubble Breaker, Internet Radio, Ringtone Editor, Solitaire, Windows Media Player - 2D Barcode, Calculator, Java 5.) Is there a downloadable version of the User Manual available? No 6.) Is the phone SIM-locked? No 7.) Is the Phone application locked? Yes, but can fully be unlocked 8.) Any other specialties? Unsure 9.)Unsure
  5. renesis22

    BenQ E72 - which versions in the wild?

    Not sure if this helps in anyway, but I found that Startech ST 88 might also be another option to look at. I don't know anything else than is listed on this page: http://startech-mobile.com/web/produk/view/16
  6. renesis22

    Benq E72

    Hey guys, new to the forum- found this thread on a google search for the E72. I wanted to bump this thread up to see if we can try to get the Benq E72 specific forum going. Doesn't seem like the resources for this phone are collected too well yet.

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