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    Omnia i900 16GB - DXID1 Custom
  1. Hi guys, LG will release 2.x ROMs free for users (officially)? Or only in 3rd party sites (like here in modaco and others? Actually, where I can find official LG ROMs (if exists)? Regards.
  2. I found the "bug"... It is an operator (brand) problem... If I'm using a SIM card from a specific operator (brand)... when I receive a call... it goes out of area (low signal)... So when I press END... the call isn't ended because it switch to emergency mode... So annoying... but only happens with that operator!
  3. Hi guys, I bought three days ago a LG GT540 to my mother (bought it in Portugal and brought to Brazil)... And when my mother started to use it a bug appeared... When she is receiving a call... the END CALL BUTTON (virtual and physical button) doesn't work! If I "press" some of the buttons (or scroll in case of virtual button) it informs the call is ended, but it remains receiving the call... The physical END BUTTON works for other things (like turn on/off the cellphone and so on)... but ENDING receiving calls doesn't... So I think that it is a firmware bug... (not physical, I hope) Maybe a firmware update solves it... I checked the fw version and it came with V10c (12-may-2010). It is LG original firmware (without brands)... and the phone is unlocked... So I would like to know if I can find a newer firmware to try to solve it... But in 3 weeks I'll return to Portugal and there I can send the phone to LG reporting this bug... So I believe that it will return with the latest firmware... and the problem solved! But in this situation... my mother only will see the phone again in December (when I come back again to here)... So I prefer to try to solve it at my own... and I would like if someone can help me! Regards.
  4. I'll remain on WM6.1! Because WM6.5 has unsolved issues until today... (like finger mouse)! So I prefer to maintain my philosophy of making an almost original cooked ROM! :)
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for your comments and feedbacks... Sorry for my long time away... but I had too many personal problems... I'm trying to back to "cooking world"... but it isn't simple... Right now I'm reorganizing my ROM files to try new improvements in wm6.1... Maybe I create the 3rd (and final) version of my cooked ROM... My purpose is to create a stable (as usual) and "eternal" good wm6.1 rom! :) I hope that I can do this... But I won't promise anything! I'll try... Because the life is hard! ;) Regards!
  6. Thanks. About Spb Mobile Shell, it's a good idea but it's not a freeware... so I prefer to not include any shareware or piracy inside my ROMs! I hope you understand... I don't see any relation between working in ORIGINAL ROMs and not working in my ROM... Maybe it's a corrupted installation of S2U2... or a bug... I really don't know... I didn't remove nothing that can create this issue... Did you reinstall it?
  7. Some flash pages doesn't work correctly... It's not my fault... FL is buggy! :angry: Did you install the Samsung Modem Driver? Is it your 1st ROM upgrade? I'm having some personal problems and I really don't have time to create a new ROM with new features... But I'll try as possible as I can... Sorry for the long waiting...
  8. I faced this problem too when I bought my Omnia... This is an incompatibility with your SIMCARD... Here in Brazil, the TIM users get this problem... The only way to solve this is changing your location to Philipines through these steps: 1. Open your DIAL NUMBER (Omnia default) and type *#1546792*# 2. Select 'pre-configuration' 3. Type password *#81230*# and press OK and Continue 4. Now select 'Philipines' as country and then select 'Globe' as operator. 5. Press OK and accept the confirmation. Your phone will be HARD RESETTED! And remember to not accept the OPERATOR configurations when you turn on your phone for the first time. But in your case... you don't need to do this because you solved your problem... And bear in mind... this is not a problem with my ROM... This is a Omnia incompatibility in general... There is some topics about this restarting problem! Thanks... About the battery drain... well... here I can get a week using the phone without recharging... And I use SPB Mobile Shell 3... Maybe M2D consumes the battery... I don't know... In my ROM I don't have any extra program running in background... so you can't say that my ROM drains battery... But when I changed from DXIA5 to DXID1... I noticed a SMALL (very small) reduction in battery life... But I still can get using my phone whole the week without recharging it... And your phone restarted four times because you selected to FORMAT your storage during the FLASHING process... Maybe your are a TIM Brazil user, right? Please read above the steps to solve this restarting thing... I worked for me... And another thing... When you turn on your phone for the first time after flashing... DON'T ACCEPT THE TIM CONFIGURATIONS OK? It will put your phone into a restart loop... Unfortunately it happens only with TIM SIMCARDs ;) And thanks for your comments! You should put your ringtones inside \My Documents\My Ringtones. Then you can go to Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications and change to your preferred ringtone.
  9. I'm from Brazil... But I only cook english ROMs... I never saw a CUSTOM PT-BR ROM...
  10. Maybe you are typing these values in HEX... Try to type in the DWORD entry... or change your Registry Editor... Well, I really don't know how to solve this... Maybe it's the camera version that comes in DXID1... (probably) Maybe it's your phone... The fact is that I never use the geo tagging in photos... But can you tell me what is your ROM before flashing to mine? Maybe I can get that camera version and investigate...
  11. Try to install only a PHONE PART specific to your area... So you can still using my ROM... In fact my nickname is SOCKET. But here in modaco I chose s0cks...
  12. I never used the 6.5 Kitchen... so I really can't help you because there is some differences... If you don't have experience in cooking ROMs, I suggest you to start cooking a 6.1 ROM... So, when you got experienced with it... you move to 6.5! Actually I only cook 6.1 ROMs... A good start for you is the shokka tutorial: Click here to see Shokka tutorial
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