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  1. I wish I could remember the exact steps, but I setup my Omnia with Win 7 last night and I did have some problems with drivers. There was a setting somewhere to allow Windows 7 to download and install drivers (i thought it was weird I had to enable that)...once I did that I just reconnected my phone and it worked fine.
  2. Deathwalker, I have noticed they don't make it easy to clear your call history from inside the Mobile Shell interface. I've found you just have to go into your phone's normal call log and delete them there....then after awhile Mobile Shell picks up the changes. On another topic....I have the same issue as Pincia, In my Omnia there is no registry key HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Shell/Rai/:MSINBOX and when I trying to define the new key I receive the error message "error creating the registry key". I'd love to get the Txt Msg button to go to SMS Chat....once I get that...the world will be a perfect place. =)
  3. See what you miss when the thread is 110 pages long.....can anyone post a link to the directions/ROM? I looked back through the pages and didn't seem to find it. I'd love to finally get my GPS working. TIA
  4. Hey, would love it if you posted that skin for others to use! Very nice work...I use MyMobiler all the time. Also very helpful when my father or mother (both Omnia owners) need tech support from across the country. A little remote assistance and MyMobiler and it's like being there with the phone.
  5. I thought I heard the beta was coming this month and the retail release in March. I'm pretty sure this will run on our Omnias...it's for WinMo 6.1.
  6. I noticed this too on my i910...but I recently switched to SPB Keyboard and that doesn't seem to have a problem typing in Google Maps. You can also change to the default Window Keyboard....but you'll probably need the stylus to type on it....to enter an address in Google Maps....that one works too.
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