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  1. It's just amazing how CEC (Chief Executive Cooker) Sector and Ryrz have just made a new phone from the old Omnia. Thank you and to all the members in this wonderfull Winmoland :D :-) you just deserve a big cup of coffee or beer, :) but sorry if from my country no way to make donations. :D I had just have my omnia yesterday doing a dip into a bucket full of water, picked it up and the damn phone is still running after being put in the oven to dry the water inside !!!!! :D So the phone has been twice resurrected :D : By the masters of modacolandia and by the oven!!! thanks to all and have fun.
  2. For me it works too Ryrzy, both shots and video :-), thanks for the great roms, every time someone is ahead on the versions, i go try, and go back fast to your rom, this is an oustanding rom, tanks for the work done on the phone skin and dial, it's beautifull. i miss Ezinput, i fist used it in the last version, and it's great, but fonctionnality fingerkeyboard is the best, but it's a bit difficult to type on it. there is a cab for ezinput keyboard on the first page of the khuanchai thread, i don't know if it works on this version, but just wanted to let you know if you still think to put a cab for your rom. At last, i think it's guetting more difficult to have alot of things on the omnia device, memory is gueting more and more less than it would be enough to operate better our belloved omnia, thanks to all the guys en this forum, chiefs, and YOU, i mean you dissuade me every time to no upgrade the phone, Ryzomnia rocks :-)
  3. the version is still 2, you have just after that the compression format ---> 7z
  4. Thanks mate, but it says "the free service is at full capacity" :-( thanks anayway.
  5. Thanks Sector for this awesome rom, if someone can upload to other mirrors that will be fine, rapidshare is always the worst. Thanks.
  6. Hello folks, thanks for this topic and all the work done and shared over modaco; i have been looking for the Sector's hephaistos M2D theme, and finally was post kindly on post 1750, then with a modified look, still better and hot on post 1766. I copied the two themes and installed each one,and they are very beatiful; thanks for the effort from Sector to port the android HTC theme to Omnia, and for the modified one too "black21" However i have on both of them a problem when mouving to people tab, and there M2D freeze. No way to do anything until rebooting the system, and it's there again once you move slowley between the tabs. Any idea how this happens? I use the Ryzr's Rom R6.5v4M build 23016. I was at last solved the bug by hard reset, but no way to reinstall those themes, otherwise, i will have the same problem. Thanks to all and nice to enjoy the spirit of community on these super website
  7. MASTER RYRZR thanks for your 6.5 roms, i use several builds and versions by the best people on this forum, but at last every time i come back to yours and specially: "23016M2D" version stable,fast, and i have just changed the wallpaper, and it's perfect. I would be very pleased to see the version of manilla that is on the sector latest manilla build, but with this particular wallpaper it's amazing beautifull. Keep the excellent work, you deserve to manage a developping rom team at samsung :-) And sadly from where i write i can not make any donations. sorry and thanks a lot for your contributions that are dissuading me of an upgrade to some newest handsets....waiting perhaps the HTC Leo...
  8. Kinetechia hi all master this theme very nice :) where the download link pls I can't say otherwise, this is amazing, any link for omnia, thanks
  9. Agree to the same, It's the most beatifull manilla 2D theme i saw, just amazing, any link and working one for omnia, thanks guys, modaco and the community is awesome
  10. Thanks to Shokka for all the beautiffull Roms that made our omnia almost the perfect phone. You gave us beautifull works; and we will miss you on this forum. If you move to a newest device, just show us again that you are a Master :-) Thanks, also for the work on samsung-omnia.org
  11. Lupus, you don't have to answer that kind of ignorant, he just must be excluded from this forum!!!
  12. Thanks for this wonderfull review on the go :-) , that's much better than those made for the show, i mean, you take more time to have better appreciation of each piece of the beautifull successor to the Omnia i900. and juste to say that, even all this great features of the omnia 2 are driving me crazy and aim to get one, i'm surprised last days how the omnia 1 is still a beatifull winmo phone, and that specialy thanks to the community at MODACO. you deserve honestly 25% of the benefits done on this samsung toys. ;-) well, thanks for the review, and still hearing from you P.S; excuse the bad english, and happy to read all day this topics
  13. you need to unlock omnia if you want to use other operator/provider thant you have when you purchased your handset. if the phone is alreadey not locked by any operator, then this is useless
  14. That's a brilliant way to save money and time, would like to offer beer or coffee! Just to say that in stage "3", you type NCK :12345678; it's better than to say your new, because I got confused at that stage, but I entered those digits. Thanks to all the great people on the Modaco i900 discussion rom, and the rest of the chiefs, Paul, Sector, Qbus, Chokka, Khunchai, Ryzer, those who has gone and those who are coming :-) waiting the Omnia 2 sales to pickup the new gadget J, the sensitivity of the screen is not that brilliant, from what I saw on the pocketnow review...but that moment we can move to that one is still far, enjoy the life folks, and glad to have this shining community all over the world.
  15. hello everyone, thanks Taril for being watching the OMNIA evolution roms, can someone please upload this 6.5 rom from that website, no way to have access.
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