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  1. Hi, Same as you - got portrait cut...(as landscape). After editing the sys.txt (by x,y and resolution) I got correct portrait screen (not landscape) but still cut...looks as squere 480 screen and not wvga. What did I miss? Please help... 10x, Gal
  2. It seems that I'll reflash it later tonight... 10x for the quick help, and of course - for the ROM ;)
  3. I've downloaded the 1.4.5 version yesterday night and planned to install it today... how can I disable the wm6.5 lock? I get the screen locked just after restart.. is there a way to do it, or I need to reinstall the rom?
  4. I use the phone-ex 1.4 for calls - it's best for me. I've tryed to unlock it - but the buttons also locked..
  5. hi Sector, After using and enjoying the Y1 rom for the last 2 days, include installation of sbp3, igo8, hebrew, Spam alert etc. - about 3 hours ago my phone was locked without any option to unlock it ;) I don't know why, in this morning it was ok... maybe, because I've unchecked all the smartlock lockings (because I couldn't answer incoming phone-calls)??! please advise - even after soft-reset it comes up locked, no way to hard reset... Now I can use my omnia only for incoming phone...
  6. 10x man for your quick answer, though it was not so happy 4 me (I've planned to upgrade to your v15 or even more)... Never mind - I think the best will be to upgrade to the new DXIF1 hebrew inside ROM.. hope 2 c u long enough in the future forums with more great cooked ROMs (maybe will suit 2 me..) :D
  7. hi Shokka! enjoying your roms! after using the wm6.1 rom some cook of DXIA5 I've installed your previous rom SHKv14 to try the wm6.5 upgrade. I also used the SPB 3.0.1 with the 6.1 rom - worked ok. now I'm starting to learn the advantages of 6.5, will take some time... main problem - I use hebrew language in addition to the base english. in your previous rom - I have problems with hebrew - I can read menus, mails, dirs, filenames etc, but can't restore/sync my contacts - the hebrew parts are shown as squares. This happens only via the contacts application of the ROM. when I'm trying to use other app - Spam alert 1.4 - I get it empty of contacts. does your wm6.5 roms (include your new SHKv15) support hebrew? please advice.
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