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  1. Your have again paid attention to inactive user they are active after seeing your rom man... you are the main man... keep rocking modaco.. by the way i loved ur rom 2nd rev. dying to see 3rd,4,5,6 rev tooo... long live man...
  2. @majino you are fantastic man. u have raised my love to my omnia...... long live majino...
  3. ha ha ha .. this is not the restaurant. that u come and ordered... lol ;)))))
  4. thanks cruddasj for reply... all i want to do is save this community.... we all people are impatient. we all want something new everyday. but the fact is some can afford changes some won't and u cant see some thing grown in front u and then slowly slowly dieing... thats wat i want to say... nyway thanks sir...
  5. Please..... Stop This kinda Thread... We Already Losing Many User of i900.. And if u do effort like that.. one day this omnia.modaco.com will be closed.. do u want it????
  6. just look here.... it looks awesome with all application and settings of omnia lite.... Click Here
  7. Excellllent ...... And thanks for to take care of modaco members.
  8. u r right. but they mentioned 2d/3d support. means at least some eye-catching will still exist in.
  9. see that - Mobile software maker SPB is launching SPB Shell 5.0. Like previous versions, SPB Shell basically replaces your phone's default user interface with a customizable "shell." What's new in version 5.0 is that SPB Shell ain't just for Windows Mobile anymore. It's also available for Symbian and Google Android phones. SPB Shell 5.0 also has a new 3D engine, support for 3D widgets, and 3D applications for viewing photos, playing media, and viewing weather forecasts. It also features integration with social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The update also brings support for multitouch displays and haptic feedback which provides a tactile response when you press the screen. If you're looking for a way to dress up your smartphone while waiting for Windows Phone 7 Series to hit the streets, SPB Shell 5.0 might tide you over. Or if you just can't stand the default UI for your Android or Symbian device. The SPB web site doesn't feature download or purchase pages for SPB Shell 5.0 yet. But version 3.5 for Windows Mobile is available for $29.95. No word on the pricing for the new version.
  10. Concept Of Mr. Robin Zhu its clearly mentioned here > click here that the concept is making by robin zhu for microsoft since january-2006. so i think that is wat windows phone 7 as it should be
  11. i think that rumour is true. 2 reason. 1. it is said there that zune phone is built on the same os as zune hd. And zune hd is having no multitask. 2. and for to speed up system usage.
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