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  1. i have an omnia7, but still coming back, because i like to see the news and install new roms on my i900 for the guy who bought it from me :huh:
  2. the cleanest rom i've ever seen, but no titanium, any cab to make an upgrade?: B)
  3. blah blah blah learn to use the internet first :lol:
  4. you're some kind of retard eh? thousand of threads explain, that there is NO official version of 6.5 for Omnia and it can not be installed via Win7, just with executor and grandPrix. We write it down every week, because some idiots like you just can't use a search engine. Sorry for the rude language, just it upsets me that some jerks fill the forum with these pointless threads.
  5. Hi, the eclipse version has the omnia dialer? or lite? can i remove the custom taskbar icons? i know how to remove the battery :P
  6. i'm a big critisizer, but this rom looks f*ckin' great :P no titanium version? :) just 1 thing, how can i get back the original taskbar on the top? i only know how to remove the custom battery icon
  7. I'm affraid i'm too stupid to create a ROM myself, thats why i'm looking for a chef :-) and i want someone to make me a real life teleporter :huh:
  8. IF you found this thread then look around...why everyone acts like a retard? 10000000000 roms here with links on every first post.
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