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  1. No ideas? Still no solution!
  2. the ringtone won't change at all. Any ideas? It's running android 4.03 and there is no sd card in it. When I change the ringtone in settings it shows as changed but always plays the same tone.
  3. Anyone having trouble with their internal satnav? I can't get anything with it since I flashed to this Rom
  4. Cheers, all going now with the Konstakang setup :)
  5. hi all, I want to update my Orange SF to CM9. At the moment it is Gen1 and has modaco rom r12 on it. I am fed up with it's inability to hook up cleanly to my car Bluetooth so am going to try CM but it looks like I need to upgrade to Gen2 and there seems to be issues with upgrading a modded rom? Can someone give me an idea what I can do?
  6. shambolic

    Stopping vega turning itself off

    I'm thinking to put my Vega in the kitchen on it's stand to function as a clock/weather station and recipe book. thing is the clock weather station side needs the screen to stay on for at least a couple of hours but all I can find is a half hour option. any hacks/apps that can extend the shut down time. It'll be plugged in on the stand a lot of the time so battery life is not a worry.
  7. shambolic

    How do you keep the glass clean?

    Well I've got RainX on my Vega and my finger is still intact
  8. shambolic

    Will this ever get honeycomb?

    Interested to know what these issues are. As I am thinking of going over to CM7
  9. shambolic

    Advent Vega vs iPad

    sounds like you have something wrong with your vega!
  10. shambolic

    Vega dock 40 quid???

    No need to teeter. If you click on buy it now it'll tell you it's unavailable :huh:
  11. shambolic

    Vega dock 40 quid???

    Looks like they've sold out
  12. shambolic

    App to annotate Word docs?

    yes quickoffice hd
  13. shambolic

    QuickOfficeHD (Tablet) App

    This is the word processor app I've been looking for. All the others you can only edit line by line. This one works just like a pc word processor. I paid for Documentsto go and office suite but found both frustrating to use and therefore don't use them. and this is very different to the quick office up on Android market
  14. shambolic

    best word like app?

    I bought documents to go then realized you can't zoom with 2 fingers. As I am using it while playing concerts I need that quick option so am back on Office suite now.

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