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  1. You know what is the bad side of this phone: - too big - I hope they will release a "mini" with 4,3" - no Trackpad/Mouse (that sucks most on all Smartphones that this useful feature is no more available - the new Dialer App: no more scrolling through the saved numbers (home/office/mobile) of a contact with swiping over the contact left/right (altough this was really perfect when you have had a trackpad). I really use this feature daily with my ONE S. And now? If you swipe right/left you´ll get the "favorites" and "contacts" I like the "old" Version (sense 4+) of the dialer where you have this buttons on the BOTTOM.... and finally: - what I really don´t understand that the developers are not putting the "control" buttons to the bottom of the screen? Why on the top? You need fingers like Goliath to reach the bottons! For example in the mail app the "search", "menu" "write new mail"
  2. Paul, Are there any news on my "long click on back key to close foreground app" request ? Like in cm or the other one x rom I posted the link before a couple days ago? Did you look into that? Do you like it? Any chances we will see it in future modaco roms? For me this is the most sucking feature in android that we have to click on the back key so many times to close an app. (As we have no "X" like in windows...) I am really looking forward to this and I am sure other users will love this also... THANKS in advance!
  3. WOW! I AM FREAKING OUT to read that you will look in the "close" feature!!! Sorry, of course i meant to add the "Close feature" to the MCR - ROMs and not to "Stock" ROMs from you like the DUO. Man I am so looking forward what you think to that feature / if you will add this to MCR!!! Oh, and If its not a big problem: "Volume wake" would also be nice, because of the size of all the new devices it´s very hard to reach the Power button every time, and unfortunately no more device has a TPAD :-( I really miss that (not only for TPAD wake, also for SMart Dialing, cursor navigating and so on) It´s even worse if you use a (silicon) case To wake up with "Volume" would be MUCH more comfortable. Paul, AGAIN THANKS. You are the man!
  4. Will this be Ir3 then here http://www.modaco.co...ated-optimised/ ? Or how can I see if/when you update this? Will you put this in the changelog? I am asking because there is nothing in the changelog and its already Release 2 Thanks! One more thing: What REALLY SUCKS in Android since my first Android Device (HTC Legend) is that you have to click couple times on the "Back" key to close an app. What would be REALLY useful is the feature in CM "long click on back to close app" I suggest to put this feature in MCR ROMs. What do you think Paul? I will thank you 1 Billion times if u couldt make this happen. I am sure other users also would like this. I still dont understand why Google made this so stupid as Android has no "X" to close an app like in Windows!!! P.S. I also found this feature here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1625816 Buttons: Remap longpress back: Close app, recent apps, htc speak, Custom app Unfortunately its a ONE X ROM, but maybe you can make this feature also happen in your ROMs.
  5. Thank you! One more thing: will you also fix this in the other ROM HERE: http://www.modaco.com/topic/354053-ir2-1784012-htc-one-s-stock-rom-duo-deodexed-updated-optimised/ ore not?
  6. Paul, the Friendstream does also not work in this ROM. I made a kitchen with the default values instead of: No Soundhound only German an English language no menu mod then I tried your prebake. (sense) Also no working Friendstream. FS says i am not logged in to any social network. If I click then in the upcoming popup ( if I would like to log in) on "yes" then i only see the Flickr. Thats it. Please help. Thanks Regards
  7. Hello Paul, the Friendstream does not work in this ROM. I saw a post in the ONE X forum you fixed this. Please can u fix this also in this ROM for the ONE S? FS says i have not logged in to any social network.
  8. Paul, does this CWM wipe my "sdcard" (internal memory) or is this excluded? On my TF101 I have a CWM that skips to wipe my "sdcard" This would be really not good everytime i flash a ROM and this need a wipe, I have to copy again my personal files (Videos, Music, Word, Excel, PDF´s, saved apk´s, etc.) back to the internal memory.... Thanks!
  9. PAUL THE LINK TO THE RADIO / BASEBAND IS VERY WRONG!!!!!!!! Please fix this! If I click on this link i download an Update: r1-1.22.531.8-update-vision-stock-signed.zip And not a Radio Thanks
  10. Why that? The Z is great device. Much better than the desire. Love the soft keys and the tpad. The soft keys are MUCH More easier to reach as they are directly under the screen and the tpad is also better to reach. Of course the Z is thicker and heavier but the positive thong about that is the keyboard. Why do you the desire love more than the Z? By the way: what do you think about The missing tpad on all the new HTC devices? Will you miss it?
  11. Thanks a lot robbo for this review. Fantastic! !! If I read this correct you prefer/like thesensation more? Because this is the final question. At least for me. I am focusing on 2 things: 1. The software 2. How "lays "/ "matches" the device in your hand. How easy is it to use it with one hand especially a with the thumb?.I am worrying! About the size of the 4.3"DEVICES AND THE MISSING TPAD. I use a desire z right now which I love. And I don't imagine how it is to live without a tpad. I need this for smart dialing (scrolling right/left through numbers of a contact in the dialer), navigating through text and of course to wake up the phone (tpad WAKE) I REALLY LOVE THIS! @ Paul: if you also read this:I know you also really love your desire z and you also didn't like 4.3 devices (at least in the past). Would be nice if you also could say something to this. what do you mean? Thanks for helping.
  12. I did not use kitchen. I just used stock rom and installed it via recovery manager and it was no more there. BUT: After a REBOOT it was back. Strange.... Thanks anyway for your reply
  13. Hi Paul, i just installed the stock ROM. I MISS THE CLOCK/ALARM CLOCK/WORLD TIME. its no more there. Bug? or am doing something wrong?
  14. FORGET IT! I did not know that there is another setting in the Legend under Bluetooth-advanced- FTP Server! I just enabled it and it works!
  15. I have rooted my Legend. No Custom ROMS. Just rooted with Pauls method. Now i have tried from another phone to connect to the Legend with the App "Bluetooth file transfer". The app says me "you are using "Object Push profile (OBEX OPP) because remote device doesn´t support File transfer profile (OBEX FTP)" BEFORE i have rooted my Legend this worked without problems. Is this a bug in the ROOT? PLEASE HELP: This sucks.....
  16. To Paul: Is there any way to edit the Root so we can install updates like the 405.5? Because we can download the update but install fails.
  17. yeah i am interessted in a WP7 with a DPAD/TRACKBALL! i hope HTC will do some and i hope MS allows that because of their "every device with WP7 MUST HAVE THREE HARDWARE BUTTONS....
  19. Guys i tried it to install in my X10. I isntalled it with no update zip because the X10 has no root. IS THERE A WAY TO INSTALL IT LIKE A NORMAL APP like apk? Because if i do install it this way the X10 says me "this Sw can not be installed on this Phone" PLEAS HELP ME! I NEED IT ON MY X10! Becaus i have no Trackball! THANK YOU!!!
  20. PLease can anybody explain me what is "su" and "Superuser" and what is busybox? ( I looked in here ww.busybox.net but i dont understand at all what this is for) THANKS GUYS!
  21. First, thank you man for the answers!!! Second, Did i understand it correct that you rooted your Legend with a "normal" / "as delivered with the Legend" / "virgin" micro sd card? You skiped that step "make your Sd into a Goldcard? Is that correct? You did not touch the SD? And so you did not remove the SD after "step 1" If yes, it worked for you?
  22. 2 More Questions: 1. If the Legend is rooted, how to flash then a new ROM? Am i thinking right that a ROM has ALWAYS to be named as "rootupdate.zip" and copy that to the SD card? And has for this the SD ALWAYS to be a Goldcard? 2 How to get in the recovery mode after the Legend is rooted? Can i get in the recovery mode "without a Computer" or do i have to repeat always these steps:
  23. I don´understand this thing. When i remove the Goldcard the device is turning off, isn´t it? Because to remove the SD card i have to open this "plastic thing" ( i don´t know the english word ) and then the battery is "falling" out. So how is it about that? Has the device to be turned on during the whole process or is it ok that the device is turning off when i remove the SD? Thanks
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