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  1. Mureta my friend, in my experience there will always be some wiseguys. Don't let them get to you- Keep doing what ur doing
  2. NP at all. I think this thread is over and done with B) PM/email/GT me if you need me
  3. lol, glad u got it workin'. As I've said before, I can't test the ROM, never had an i900... I had an i910 (CDMA) and that one is gone as well... What u should have is a titanium ROM with a new plugin that enable themes changing. Feel free to use as you see fit, I had it on a titanium ROM so it was there out of the box, M2D can always be added via a .cab file... I hope you like and I hope you'll get more themes into it, let me know if u need extra help with the mechanism behind it. I hope that ppl here will like it :P
  4. Cool. I'm here to help 1) As base, make sure you use stock titanium as possible. 2) Make sure you have mortscript installed if you don't already. Knowing mortscript is an advantage. 3) IDK what kitchen u using, I used OSKitchen back at the time, the CThemeChanger OEM goes into the root of the OEM folder. 4) If u wanna add more themes, make sure to compress the png's more, i used pngcrush. Lemme know how goes, good luck
  5. Thank you. Hi mureta CThemeChanger isn't final. If you look at my xda thread I have the source there for whomever to work on and I would be happy to help anyone port whatever theme one wants. Currently it has 9 themes because those were the themes I finished... to me, to port LTE1 took about 2 days... so the more complex themes will take even longer... and I had to convert some themes to work in landscape as well... LOTS of work The way it works: Using mortscript to load all the different bronzers.dll, and run the different .cpr files, so to do that the .reg and initflashfiles have to be changed+renaming of all png's of each theme. The outcome is cool with a scroll-able titanium plugin that enable a preview of each theme and switch to it with a tap. If you wanna give it a shot, check out my XDA thread which has all the data there. Basically, if you have a titanium ROM with mortscript ready all you need is to download my oem file, put it in the base of your kitchen oem folder, and add the registry I posted in my thread. Also, make sure that nothing of titanium is enabled in your own personal registry folder except for the registry I posted. Lemme know if you want a shot at this :D
  6. Hello I have been in touch with a few chefs about a base ROM featuring my CThemeChanger plugin, but nothing happened. So I would like to make one ROM for all you guys (the 5 that are still using the i900). For those who don't know me, I make my ROMs lite, they are titanium based. Feel free to check my work at the i910 section. However, the fact is that I don't own an i900 (or even an i910 for that matter :D ) and so I'll need beta testers. PLZ no PM's if interested plz post your details. Again, this ROM will be a titanium base ROM with a twist, using my MODEL T infrastructure. This will be a work in progress as my main focus now is my android ROM, plz keep that in mind when becoming a beta tester. If you are a chef and would like to have a go at it, even better, that was my goal at first but I understand some chefs were running into issues... Plz lemme know if interested using the poll Later
  7. I was going to work on the no phone ROM but had to fix something... Long story short...so long i910 :-(
  8. I'll defiantly do it since I can't sell my old POS its been through so much and it shows... I'll give it to my kids to play with! ROM will be excluding phone, titanium, IE, bloatware. ROM won't be stripped down though, (I think my base is stripped down enough, only 8MB with IE, phone keyboards, etc included) but will be multimedia oriented, taking into account the condition of most i910's I'll have extra big buttons :rolleyes: IMO Sammy's Touch player was very good. This will take some time since I'm being tutored on android.
  9. Hey, Sorry, but this project is done (see title) so no updates. I will release my kitchen and will end up making a non-phone multimedia ROM.
  10. Well, Using this thread to say bye-bye Omnia. Moved on. If any other chef would like to use this plugin or continue this project, plz PM me or hit me @ [email protected] I'll be happy to send the OEM to any one who will like to continue- This is a fun, cool and unique project but it's time consuming. Better know how to mortscript... Later and thanx...
  11. Thanks. Did you use Adryn's kernel? I didn't update the kernel yet, but once rooted you could uninstall everything so... Once ppl will have some time I'll b able to get more info on how to, but yes, It'll be a while Dinc will be a testing platform... Thanks, can't wait to see what I'll do as well...
  12. Just around, no place yet. Unfortunately, cooking will be a while- I have a LOT to learn, but I'm a quick lern and got some cool amigos who are very knowledgeable . However, after root one can delete everything one desires... Root is a very simple process so far. I hate to say it but what a difference, the ease of use is amazing- without taking anything away from the i910. Still getting used to the system everything is different It beats the ol' Omnia in SO many aspects, but I can't tell if it's WM/ Android or just the fact that this phone has much more power and better hardware. I won't know ever since the next WM phone I'll get will be a WP7 (if ever). I am, however, really impressed with android at the moment.
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