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  1. Thank you for your reply, can you tell us how to do these two fixes please (Share of Knowledge!)
  2. As a user who have been using the HTC devices for 4 years before the Omnia, here are some issues that I think needs to be addressed in the Omnia (I have searched the whole forum without clear answers): 1. Change the Tackpad browsing in Internet Explorer from link down to link TO scrolling the page down or up, A cab file may do this job 2. There are 10 different input methods (keyboards,keypads..etc) in the Omnia and the user only use 2-3, anyway to delete the unused ones? 3. Anyway to add a button to switch the Bluetooth on/off with one click only in the today screen? (in SPB PLUSfor example) ? Awaiting your valuable inputs and share of knowledge :rolleyes: :)
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for your feedback, however the discussion was off topic sometimes (camera, replacing the device <_< ), I have tried the values and to be honest I am not sure is it Placebo effect (psychological) or not. I am still looking for a software that increase the sensitivity of screen or a ROM that improve the sensitivity. SO any one of you guys noticed major improvement after upgrading their ROM and please mention the OLD and NEW ROM. Otherwise I think we better ask Samsung to address this problem, Tell me what do you think? :rolleyes: :)
  4. I had the chance to try the new HTC HD and was amazed with its screen sensitivity compared to the Omnia (my ROM is DHH3 with SPB Plus Smart-scrolling activated) Its Super easy to scroll the Internet pages and emails and the program menu in the HD. As far as I understand its only about software setting as both devices have the same version of the operating system WM 6.1 I have searched the forum and even google for how to increase Omnia screen sensitivity but couldn't find any software or .cab that can fix the problem, only re-calibration of the screen with sharp objects which seems to do a little help So what do you guys think?? :rolleyes: :)
  5. Thank you Phantom for your work, however I already tried the Pocket Max Redial BEFORE posting and I can confirm that its NOT WORKING = the phone is not vibrating on call answering The problem yet to be resolved :rolleyes:
  6. Hi krelvinaz, Yeah it worked, thank you for your help. Problem #2 yet to be solved :rolleyes:
  7. Hi Phantom, Thanks for your reply, 1. yes your method can select multi contacts but it cant select multiple emails or SMS if you want to delete more than one email or sms 2. I am looking for a vibration alert when the other party answer the phone so that you dont keep you mobile near your ear waiting for the other guy to answer, the phone will just vibrate when he answers so you bring the phone to your ear. Hope this is clear, thanks again :rolleyes:
  8. Hi there, Thanks tammam for your post but can you please tell us more about the function of each cab Regards,
  9. Hi there, I have been following your great forum on the omnia, quite useful however I failed to find about two things that I miss in my omnia after changing from HTC TYTN II 1. Pocket Max Redial: The small cab file which enable your phone to vibrate when your call is being answered is not working on omnia 2. The small cab file which enables you to select multiple names in the contacts or multiple SMS/emails in your messaging is also not working on the omnia These two small functions makes your life much easier sadly I can't find any thread about them :rolleyes:
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