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  1. found one on ebay that is a clip in, I like those better. the stock holder is ok, but not my style. type i600 in ebay and you should find one.
  2. I would like to know as well, let me know if you find the answer, I think this is deep in the phone, no easy way to reprogram. :roll:
  3. I am with everyone else here, I thought that since they had the sync with MS Pocket PC they would have it for Smartphone, what a crapper. to bad there is not an app that lets you take a Pocket PC app and use it on the Smartphone. Yes I know it's a wish... :? I want to input a charge on my debit card on the phone and just forget about it, dam it MS! :evil:
  4. I have used the i600 since march 2004, love it so far. Like the simple games. the sync to Outlook is Kick A... Did have to hard reboot and it sync all the data back up. did not save the speed dials. :idea: I have loaded Smartphone notes, Jeyo Personalizer, Pocket MiniGolf, and Kevtris. Would love to know when they will sync MS Money with the Smartphone software. Hell the have it for Pocket PC, can't be that hard. the $44 per month is kind of steep for just using for email, the web stuff is just to slow right now.
  5. I would like to know as well, bought the 512MB SD card so that I could back up everything up. Anyone now what files you need to get back everything. Not to worried about the contacts, email or Calender, that will sync with Outlook. But just like you said if you have to do a hard reboot you loose the speed dials and any sound settings. :wink: How we both get a reply.
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