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    [DC22] - Storm ROM - [DC22]

    With the alarm - try using a memory cleaner - like cleanRAM, SDKTools, etc. It seems the message stack gets confused in the i910 from time to time. Clearing out the stack fixes the alarm.
  2. You might need to use a program to clear out your message stack. HTC Memory Manager, SDKTools, etc. should help. A similar problem is with the Alarm on this phone. Once message stack is clear - notifications should work.
  3. garbageguts

    Bad luck with roms

    It sounds like you are in the market for a new phone. Those of us who enjoy flashing and experimenting like the i910 while realizing that tweaks can always make it better. VZ has the Incredible which might be what you are looking for.
  4. garbageguts

    Repository List or Location

    OmniaRom.com has a .cab repository. In addition, please search through the modaco.com posts for various Omnia appropriate .cabs.
  5. garbageguts

    [DC22] - Storm ROM - [DC22]

    I flashed DC22 28233 titanium from a windows 7 machine. Ran UDML with no problems. ActiveSync launches only when I have USB Sync checked. Therefore, it might be simply how you have ActiveSync configured and not to do with the version of Windows.
  6. garbageguts

    [DC22] - Storm ROM - [DC22]

    I am not certain, but I believe you need to use either resco explorer or total commander. There is something about /windows system files that block the provided file explorer.
  7. garbageguts

    [DC22] - Storm ROM - [DC22]

    From lioryte What is the difference between the new builds? (Credit to joolay) COM1- Builds 217**: COM2 - Builds 218**: GUI is 1st stage of finger friendly features implemented. This is the only official WM6.5 released to public. All other COM* Builds are leaked test builds (not even classified as alpha or beta). In this range, the GUI introduces softer corners to various dialogs, the new start menu (Very early builds had a honeycomb theme but although the hexagons have been removed, the icon alignments remain), and the taskbar and menubar have been slightly modified to allow for further skinning. COM3 - Builds 230**: GUI from 23001 to 23021 looks the same as COM2. 23022+ introduced the new shorter/expanding taskbar and finger friendly text-based buttons on taller bottom menubar and ever since its been called wm6.5.1 rather than 6.5.. 23047+ introduced icon-based buttons.. New checkboxes and scroll bars and recently (from 23069 i think) a magnifier in the taskbar are amongst the newer gui elements introduced in the latest builds.. At some point (im not sure when, kinetic scrolling was introduced.. It appears that COM4 elements are being introduced into this branch such as the new contact application, a slightly modified sms application, and possibly a slightly modified calender application.. COM4 - Builds 234**: Seems to have stopped at 23420. The newer contact application and possibly the modified sms and calender applications were first introduced in this branch but have since been incoorperated into latest builds of COM3 COM5 - Builds 235**: At the moment little is known of this branch. 23502 is the first build leaked that Im aware of. It seems to have been compiled at about the same time as 23060 but with superior stability, speed, memory management, Newer COM3 builds 23071 and above have been reported to be superior in terms of stability and speed. However the latest COM5 23506 compared to COM3 23088 (build date is identical) seem equally fast and stable. COM5 builds have the new Contact app and Magnifier, as in latest COM3 Builds, but lack kinetic scrolling. Apparently, the new internet explorer has been modified as well (but Bikertibi Builds have the old internet explorer from wm6.1 because new one does not handle well on our device) Other branches you might or might not come to see: AKU1 - Builds 212** SAM1 - Builds 215** MD1 - Builds 219** WMD - Builds 28***: The First Build leaked is 28002 (build date 17th November 2009). As of this branch Windows Mobile is at WM6.5.3. This branch is to continue from COM3 23090 and is believed to carry improvements to the New Internet Explorer Mobile as well as overall speed Builds 216**: leaked builds that have been played with by the team over at HTC but not officially used on any handset as yet Builds 236**: Recently came across these builds but have no further info on them
  8. garbageguts

    DC22 6.5 23569

    The V2 DC22 Titanium is relatively fast and finger friendly. Thanks. My battery was draining quickly, so I checked the power settings and noticed they were not set. Other might want to check their own desired power settings if they experience problems.
  9. garbageguts

    Call for help!

    Try google "speakerswitch omnia skype" http://www.mobilitydigest.com/control-your...speaker-switch/ http://dani.foroselectronica.es/windows-mo...arpiece-ppc-81/ etc.
  10. garbageguts

    Call for help!

    To re-purpose your Omnia i910 you can use Skype or a WM softphone. AgePhone and PortSIP are two that can be used with WiFi connection. I use a Voicepulse Open Access account as my SIP provider. Using a PC with X-Lite and a bluetooth headset I experience crystal clear SIP calls. Since I also have a Verizon Omnia I had high hopes for using AgePhone CE. I figured out how to direct all calls to my bluetooth headset using bagcrtl. Calls work ok with both AgePhone and PortSIP softphones. Never-the-less, I do experience some echo problems. From reading various forums, it appears that SDK stack on the Omnia is a bit of a challenge for many softphone vendors. Skype should work with bagcrtl.
  11. titanium - just the standard views that windows mobile 6.5 displays floatanium - the best of both worlds gives you all the titanium views along with all m2d2 screens (instead of a titanium contacts button, you get a m2d2 button that takes you to the additional screens) m2d2 - is a historical reference to a commercial offering, but now refers to builds that include icons in the lower part of your screen allowing you to horizontally scroll through the views Many cooks show screen shots at the beginning of their posts of each type of rendering. If in doubt flash just the titanium.
  12. I am using V2 DC22 Build 23559 Titanium only. I am experiencing lockups when using Opera Mobile 10. The previous build version of DC22 worked fine. Also, keyboard selection keeps reverting back to original flash keyboard, after each soft reset. In this Rom, it seems that something is cycling and causing the lockups. I expect it might be something in the WM build and not your kitchen/build that you are using.
  13. garbageguts

    Request for App recommendations

    You might want to check out OmniaRom.com. There is a good section that includes .cab files and comments on useful applications. A password application like eWallet is a must. 'Contacts Search' is helpful if you have a large contact directory. The list goes on and on....
  14. garbageguts

    Samsung Omnia i910

    I would suggest purchasing a inexpensive radio frequency adapter. There are many to be found. Omnia - radio/headphone cable to adapter. Tune to unused radio frequency and your should hear the audio over your car speakers.
  15. The version I found was a .cab file for bagctrl. It provides turn on, turn off, vc enable, vc disable, volume up, volume down, mic gain up, mic gain down. I have not tested all the options - but they exist.

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