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  1. I've got a vox - orange spv e650 version. I see there's a few ways of getting youtube to work on the vox but most seem iffy at best. i tried the htc streaming media cab but this just won't install. is there any way of getting a decent link to youtube working on the vox?? thanks in advance.
  2. just tried installing the cab file on my vox (spv 3650). It just stays on the install screen after selecting where to install (i just get the pie chart spinning icon). Is there any other way of installing or is this normal?
  3. couldn't see a thread on this - forgive me if there is one (and let me have the link!). I've only got these in my favourites so far: diggriver.com sky news mobile
  4. Surely you can change the default homepage to something like google?
  5. works no ONLY as administrator. regular username (without the @ symbol). server name is our server's fixed IP address. for some reason tho it wont work as any other user
  6. We're in the process of setting up mobile activesync on our office smartphones (Orange SPV C500's + C600's). The ActiveSync settings on the phones are all set-up - including username, password, domain and server address (ip address of our exchange server). The problem is however whenever we try to do a manual sync via the phone, it connects but then stops and gives the following error:- "ACCESS WAS DENIED. CHECK YOUR SERVER USERNAME AND PASSWORD IN ACTIVESYNC OPTIONS" "ERROR CODE: HTTP_401" We've obviously checked the username and passwords - the same problem happens for each user. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  7. there aren't even any settings for gprs in the gprs section in control panel
  8. nah I thought it could be that to begin with but theres no e-mail account even set up. I've double checked this. the only other software I've got installed is tomtom which doesn't have an auto update option. it couldve been the pre-installed orange software - I uninstalled that a few weeks ago.
  9. we're in a dispute with orange over this. our bill is showing that one m5000 user on our account downloaded 242 megabytes worth of gprs data - in the middle of the night. we called orange to find out what was going on and apparently the phone was on at 1am seemingly "checking for something every minute". I friend of mine (on O2) who had the o2 xda also had the same problem. we're obviously in dispute with orange about this - how can they release a phone that can connect to the internet automatically?
  10. when i'm in the office i leave my m5000 in laptop mode connected to my pc (charging and synching). anyone know if it's ok to leave the screen on all day - showing the same thing or can you damage an lcd screen doing this?
  11. I see that aol do some software for the pocket pc which lets you check and send e-mails but there doesn't seem to be a trial version available. anyone use the aol mail software for the ppc?
  12. you can use any com port you like - doesnt have to be a specific port number
  13. yeah you need the 5.1 update + install the cab files manually. it's easy enough to do this.
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