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    samsung omnia II i8000
  1. hi..i hope it is a software issue because i bought O2 in ASIA- Taiwan - official shop- but now i am in Europe and seems to have same problem with camera..with same fix.. turn on and when i see wrong focusing turn camera app off and then on again.. sometimes on 1st try, sometimes on 3rd try.. but confusing..because many times i found wrong quality of pictures at home PC- :P.. do you know if warranty is aplicable in Europe?.. or it is only sowtware issue?..how may i fix it forever? i owned i900 before with amazing quality of Pics..
  2. my donation support from Slovakia :) 2KU87015FL849035V PAYPAL Sonblack.. i owned omnia i900 and now from 08/2009 omnia II i8000, flashed very often.. and your ROM seems to be the best i ever flashed, thank you for your hard work and keep on continue please ;) We are very happy you share your ROMs in this forum.. PDAviet is super but for me hard to understand even with G-translate. looking forward to next relases :P.. friend from Europe.
  3. it is no .exe or something but is quite quickly too. 1. touch the upper part of display( operator,signal etc.) and large icons menu appears, click on any button from this menu. 2. touch arrow UP and switch basic and general menu- USB connection so you must 5 CLICK but it lasts max 5 sec..fast and simple enough for change to use several a week.
  4. same problem here, on my i8000 spb weather add-in SPB MS 3.5 works well, one day stops-doesnt download any data-and connection is ok /OPERA woorks well/ and i cant make it work again.. same time the active sync problems occures-PC doesnt recognize the WM device, showing "support code" errors:(( and also at this time i have instaled the skins for SPB MS 3.5 compatible.-i dont know what problem caused problems? i tryed many times remove and reinstal spb 3.0 3.5 versions, full sbp weather app and active sync, also many times, : PS very strange is that SPB weather app after all instalations shows only blank black screen with NO text or Menu. i dont know..
  5. try another music player at omnia. touch player continue play music after display off.. i think some other stuff can do this too.. ? pocket bundle player ?
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