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  1. the charging gif is not moving for me too. but i don't care about that... there's no freezes problem in my phone, maybe it's cause by the phone part? i'm using PUJA1.
  2. really thanks man. that works!! the font looks not very good, but it make chinese show up! after that i installed the font i used before, everything became good now. thanks a lot!!
  3. looks great, thanks for build and share it with us!! but i found there is no chinese support, so i installed the chinese font usually works good for me in "i908 ZUIF2 vs. XBIJ1 JN Foundation ROM's", yonn1981's omnia lite rom, steff195's rom and etc. however it doesn't work this time...so i tried the msjh.cab and Yonn_ChineseSupport.cab found in this forum, they doesn't work too... need to show chinese...if anyone could help, thanks a lot...
  4. they looks great. have no english version update here for months...
  5. i have this problem too. but ock's sms skin looks good, it's hard to choose... the mms center's version is too old. the in JN Foundation ROM works properly. ock maybe you could look into this when you have time.
  6. i want to have a try but cant connect to mediafire. if anyone could make an mirror for xpr, thx very much.
  7. installed fix.cab then solf reseted, gprs connection still empty :) after used "automatically config connection", a profile "proxy internet" be created and still show nothing actually there are 3 connections could be seen by ACT or other data connection related tool but how can I separate every connection in different profile, if I couldnot see them...
  8. thx for reply. 1.after reinstalled tourchbutton.cab it works 2.installed your fix.cab.but still nothing show up 3.i've changed m2d theme and updated weather, iron works now 4.installed Advanced Configuration Tool as you mentioned,it also works. but text message font size cannot been changed both in Advanced Configuration Tool and M2DC it's really a fast and stable rom, thx a lot. :)
  9. just flashed to 23518.very fast,office 2010 is good. but: 1.tourch button says wrong with htccamera1.dll 2.after automatic configed my sim card the connetiction manage tab is empty, but in gprs authentication all connections are already there. 3.big iron cannot be seen in m2d weather tab 4.text too small at someplace sorry for bad english
  10. also have this problem, and found maybe this problem make g-alarm erorr? hope there is a fix, thx.
  11. qb07m tests good enough for me now. however,no rom could be the best for everyone. you have to try it out by yourself. <_<
  12. I‘m using qb05m now,have no problem you mentioned, maybe it’s your sofeware or hardware issue? I will flash to qb06m quickly.
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