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  1. I bought my i780 back in April and I am using it on AT&T in the US. I can live without 3G, so up until now everything has been fine, but all of a sudden my phone has become almost completely unusable. I went on vacation last week to Mexico and noticed that unlocking it had started to take a long time. I would enter the PIN and the screen would take a while to paint. This got worse over the next few days and now I experience some or all of the following: After unlocking, the response is now very slow - I press the screen or a key and it might be over 30 seconds before the action is performed. The upper and lower bands (i.e. where the notification icons and softkeys live) sometimes don't appear on the screen or take a very long time. The screen is functional, but the Start menu is missing and can't be activated by pressing the Start button. Sometimes when the backlight turns off, pressing the power button to bring it back gives me just the lower band with an Unlock button that does nothing when I press it. I had only a few extra apps on the phone (SPB Shell, Google Maps, Windows Live) and I have removed them all. When I can access it, the Memory control panel shows that I have about 2/3 of my memory unused. I have an active Exchange Server connection and I have about 1500 SMS in my Inbox as well. Any ideas? Is it a hardware problem? Is there anything I can try before succumbing to a hard reset? Could something in WM have developed a "leak"? It really seems like an overtaxed CPU or something. Thanks!
  2. I didn't find a way to remove the hard-coded settings, or to import settings for a new carrier, so I ended up configuring the settings manually through Settings > Connections, and in MMS Options.
  3. Yeah, I've been checking out the New ROM thread on xda-developers, but it still seems to be a little flaky. I might wait until the WM6.1 ROM becomes available later. Are there any other radio updates or new features you would recommend from the new ROM? The new Today screen looks nice, I must admit, although I was going to try PointUI on it.
  4. GSM 850 is mainly used in the U.S., so considering this phone is only available in Europe and Asia right now, the list of bands is appropriate. This is not something that can be fixed by reflashing - the physical hardware just doesn't support that band. It's unfortunate that this isn't a true quad-band device, with both GSM 850 and GSM 900, but that's the way it is. I have changed my band selection setting from "Automatic" to "GSM 1900", and the phone and GPRS service seems a little better with AT&T, but still no 3G. I would advise anyone in the U.S. considering this phone to wait and see if a U.S. carrier picks it up and sells a version with GSM 850 included.
  5. So I guess the answer is no. The options I have on my i780 are: Automatic GSM 900/1800 GSM 1900 WCDMA I am using the phone on AT&T, but I am only getting GPRS and flaky EDGE. I am not getting 3G/UMTS with AT&T. There is talk of the i780 being released at some point in the US, but there is nothing definite. Seems like I should have examined it more closely before purchasing. Oh well - it's still a cool phone.
  6. So I got my GPS working this morning, using GPD8 and COM9, with no additional software. I am successfully finding myself using both Windows Live Search and Google Maps (WLS is faster and the mapping is cleaner). I think the most important advice is not to test inside. I went out into a nice open space and it all just worked suddenly. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I'm using my i780 with AT&T in the Seattle area with no problems, although I haven't been able to get MMS to work yet, but that's a configuration issue on my end as I had to enter all the network settings manually.
  8. The i780 I have is SIM-unlocked and not carrier-branded in any way on the box or device. However, it seems that the carriers in the Philippines (where I bought it) are hard-coded in, because I did a hard reset upon returning to the US, and I have an AT&T SIM in the phone, but when I go to Start > Settings > System > Operator Settings, it just lists those four carriers from the Philippines, and my Voicemail, WAP, GPRS and MMS settings are all configured for Globe (one of the local carriers there). Is there a way for me to add a new carrier or get my AT&T network settings onto the phone without manually entering them?
  9. Sigh. Don't ask me how, where or when, but after returning home from my travels today, I look and see that my stylus is no longer sitting in the back of my i780. I probably took it out and left it down somewhere in an airport or something stupid like that. Anyway - does anyone know if this is a generic stylus that I could replace fairly easily at a store, or will I have to send off to Samsung for a new one? Thanks...
  10. Thanks for posting the manual! I read most of it on the plane back to the US and found a few helpful tips! Unfortunately, I still haven't found out if the "Automatic" profile is possible, and GPS Test just sits there scanning COM ports, so I'm not sure what to do with that. I'll check some of the other posts here on getting it working.
  11. This was happening to me too while I was in the Philippines, where I bought the phone, but then I went to Taiwan and then U.S. and the problem went away. I think it might be related to a problem with the network it's trying to connect to, although that seems counterintuitive. If it is a known issue that I'm just lucky enough to not be experiencing right now, and if there's an answer to why it happens, I'd love to know...
  12. You can navigate left and right using the Trackpad, by going into Start > Settings > System > Finger Mouse, and choosing 4-Way Navigation instead of the Mouse. See this thread for a cool handy utility to toggle between the two.
  13. I just picked up a new i780 in the Philippines for $500 and am loving it, although I have a couple of questions that maybe folks can help with: 1. Is there a user manual anywhere? It wasn't on the CD (which had a bunch of empty language folders where it should be) and it's not on the Samsung web site anywhere. 2. I'm coming from a Smartphone and I used profiles all the time, especially Automatic (switch to vibrate when Calendar shows in meeting) - is that functionality in WM 6.0 Professional? I would find it hard to believe that you can't do that and have to manually set your phone to vibrate all the time. 3. Just today I noticed that the finger-mouse button only responds to a second click. It's 100% consistent - almost like I have to double-click every time to do something and it doesn't matter if I make the second click soon after or a while after the first click. Any ideas as to what might cause that? Some weird setting? Hopefully not a hardware flaw... I have rebooted and it's still happening. 4. And finally, what's a surefire way for me to check whether GPS is working? Thanks in advance!
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