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  1. Only have had the Droid for a couple days but so far: AK Notepad - Free (Simple) AndExplorer- Free Auto Mount - Free (Automatically mounts your SD card when plugged in via USB) Beautiful Widgets - $2/3 Digital Clock - Free (Allows music for alarm ringtone, but boy do I miss G-Alarm from my Omnia) Dolphin Browser - Free (Looking forward to Opera Mobile) Droid Light - Free Handcent - Free Mother TED - Free (Allows me to view TED talks!) MixZing Lite - Free (I like the Pure Music Widgets but Mixzing has a huge one) Scrobble Droid- Free Time-Lapse - I think free Weather Widgets - Free
  2. Second day, I can certainly understand your concerns. Although speed has yet to be a problem in terms of customization and options the Android OS pales in comparison. However I was fed up with the Omnia's relatively poor touch sensitivity, ugly OS, lack of RAM/memory leaks. WM is terrific because it has such a wide open community of developers but within the first day in the Android Marketplace I found some of the greatest apps I've never heard of (Time-lapse photography app! Google Goggles!) I do have to agree the droid is HEAVY but as for clunky I would hardly say so, the design is industrial and I'm looking forward to not being asked "Is that an iPhone?" everytime someone sees my phone. Also the camera seems on par with the omnia if not a bit less sharp, plus fewer camera settings. (2.0.1) But by far the greatest experience I've had so far is ironically an app crashing! It didn't lock up on me, I didn't have to pull the battery or soft reset. It simply force closed and re-opened the app. That alone was worth the switch for me. As rfarrah said, to each their own. Sorry for the long post, lot's of impressions.
  3. I just wish I could make the text larger in Calwidget.
  4. Have you been under a rock? Linking to rumors. http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/302680/view-topic/ Can I also ask why you wouldn't get a Moto droid? I was hesitant since I've never had a good experience with Motorolas in my past but I haven't heard a bad thing about the Droid yet.
  5. Got the Motorola Droid for 100 bucks today. I suppose it was seeing the videos of Windows Phone 7 that jarred me into realizing I can't wait another year for a modern OS. I plan on selling my Droid next Christmas in time for a triumphant return to Windows Phone 7. It's been quite a journey and I wish you all the best of luck.
  6. Use Opera Link it syncs with your Opera browse on PC as well!
  7. I'm running Storm's 23518 M2D ROM which had Google Maps 3.3.1 cooked in and Location based services are not causing any crashes. You'd have to ask him if he did anything to the ROM to make it more stable.
  8. My guess it that these rumors pertain to Project Pink, the Microsoft branded phone. Most probably being manufactured by Danger. WM7 will be an entirely different operating system which chances are won't run on a Microsoft branded device.
  9. Hey Rob I can see you're busy but I'm having trouble recording video to the storage card, videos end up corrupted. I just reformatted the card to no avail. I'm running your version 12 M2D Rom 23518
  10. Just formatted my Storage Card through WM and am still having no luck recording video to it. Running Storm's ROM M2D 23518
  11. I too noticed this, I lost a couple of great videos because I did not check them after. Last time I had this problem I had to format my SD card in order for them to save without corruption, I have yet to try that this time around.
  12. Anyone know of a workaround for touch scrolling in the Audio Manager as opposed to the sidebar?
  13. Just flashed earlier today, all is looking good! Thanks!
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