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  1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=533993 i got it from here , but it's way too big for the omnia screen "96x96" so i've resized some of it to 48x48 so it fit to the screen New_folder.rar
  2. just install it over the old one n' it works ,, i want to add an icon that is not assigned to any prorgram " well assigned it by a transparent icon over it " does anyone have any idea how to do that ??
  3. should i reinstall MobileShell n' then this theme ?? or just install it over the previous version ??
  4. does any one know a good program to resize a group of picture " without missing it's quality" i've tried punch of them n' they all miss up the rounded edges " unlike when i resize it manually by the photoshop "
  5. how can i change icons of sub folders ?? in the icon changer all i can change are the links in the start menu but i cant change the icons inside the folders !!
  6. my interface mobile shell " neang theme " + iReflect icons " resized" + tPro S2U2 theme + tPro wallpapers
  7. i'm using the same theme ,, it's amazing how can i change the menu's background ??
  8. more details , downloads pleaaaaaaaaaaase this is aowsome
  9. how can i change the defualt sms viewer in sms tab to be resco contact manager when i click on a message i want it to be opened with resco contact manager sms viewer not the original windows
  10. how can i do this ?? i dont want every thing in the AIO ,, i just want this one
  11. O_O this is not the same wallpaper !! it has no black regions in the bottom and above , plus it way less quality
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