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  1. I've got an original unopened ebuyer card on ebay right now, or, make me an offer
  2. mine is! i've one on ebay right now, make me an offer!
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=8815810008
  4. the C500 is something like 160x240 the C550 is 320x240 (Quarter VGA, i.e. 4 of these screens can fit in a VGA screen)
  5. Hiya i use the net a lot on the move, and PDF files also, I'm not too bothered about specs, etc, i just want a VGA screen can anyone advise, i've only really found the HTC Universal so far (MDA Pro, SPVM5000, XDA Exec) are there any others?
  6. I'm fed up of trying to jab the screen with the standard buttons, can you make them any bigger?, there's a lot of wasted screen estate on the standard dialler, has anyone made a different dialler application?, with BIGGER buttons
  7. Mine's started noticeably doing this over the past few months, what you're hearing is the inverter circuit that drives the Electroluminescent sheet that is the backlight (i'd doubt it's LED driven, too much power) you're hearing the actual electronic circuit - the inductor/transformer vibrating. and probably EM emissions from the circuit being transferred to the speaker also try adjusting the brightness, this adjusts the frequency/voltage which the backlight is driven, and should alter the tone of the noise to something more acceptable (or even more annoying ;-)
  8. Don't forget the website for the game also guys, you can download new maps to play, AND there's a map editor!!!! top marks Here
  9. I have to agree, this game is fantastic! I bought it a week ago, and have spent a good few hours on it every night since, takes a little time to get into fully (well, about an hour anyway) it's a nice RISK type game, with some logistics management built in too you can mine stone and metal and collect rent on what provences you own. you can trade one mineral for another it's really VERY addictive. i'm currently playing on expert mode now after completing all the easy modes :-) buy this game guys!
  10. heh, i bought the last 9 of them for work :-)
  11. the javoedge / javoone (i forget) are excellent, I bought 4 in the offer posted a few weeks back, well recommended, and i feel comfortable actually dialing with my thumbs and touching the screen now!
  12. if you like a gadget and rarely make one handed phone calls, you'll love the M500, it runs loads of software, GPS on it is a dream, and wifi internet access (with a wifi card) is brilliant, just the thing for browsing teh net / checking ebay on the move its pretty crap using it as a phone tho, you need to use the stylus to make a call, it's almost impossible to select a contact with your finger i went from an E200 to the M500, and am loving it :-)
  13. i'm sure i've seen that keybaord and desk on the HARDOCP forums somewhere,
  14. yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee couple of minor scratches already in me screen, cant wait :-)
  15. good application! may want to add some stuff on the front page though as UK peeps are a bit jittery about islam stuff in general here
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