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  1. yep, that hypocrite fool B) They aren't really secrets, just lesser known things and hacks.
  2. Every file is signable using signtool. If a file is signed and the ROM contains that cert in the allowed list, then it will be accepted by WM as is. If there are no signatures, the signature is not trusted or the file is edited after signing then WM will not allow to install/use it as a device ROM (but (except for the last case) will allow to run it as an application after a warning sign) Not really signature related but a guy @XDA made a very through post about some of the lesser known internals of ROM creation (made for Touch Pro, but most of the stuff it covers are true for all WM6.1 phones). It's definitively worth reading! Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=490787
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=496254 not tested with omnia ROM's though, but should work with some modifications BTW. if you don't have to change registry settings, then simply dumping the rom (imgfstodump), adding some files and recompressing it (dumptoimgfs) will do the job. The problems start when you have to add registry entries, although that can be injected to the provxml in the CSC in theory.
  4. Thats an other project B) btw there is already a TF3D3 too :(
  5. If someone takes over the project then yes. TF2D on omnia won't be getting stabler than 19b/21 any time soon.
  6. Neither initflashfiles nor provxml files allow the use of wildcards. Of course you might write a small program that would to the job. For example here is a small ruby script that would create an initflashfiles.dat to stdout from a Directory structure (located in the packagedir directory): (written by hearth, untested, might not even compile) require 'fileutils' puts ";-------------------------------------------" puts "; package created with an untested tool" Dir.glob("packagedir/**/*").each do |filename| if File.directory?(filename) then delements = filename.gsub("packagedir/").split(/[\\\/]/) delements.delete_if { |e| e=="" } delements.each_index do |i| if i==0 then puts("root:-Directory(\"#{delements[0]}\")") else puts("Directory(\"\\#{delements[0..i-1].join("\\")}\"):-Directory(\"#{delements[i]}\")") end end else dirname = File.split(filename)[0].gsub("packagedir/","") winfn = File.split(filename)[1] puts("Directory(\"#{dirname}\"):-File(\"#{winfn}\",\"\\Windows\\#{winfn}\")"); end end
  7. Actually samsung had released developer files for the optical mouse, so it would be easier to reimplement the mouse as a separate application, that doesn't depend on 20270 gwes features. I actually wanted to do that back then, but now I'm more interested in the resistive pad of the TP B)
  8. Some operators create "multilang" files, which can upgrade the phone by SD card, but it's structure is not yet reverse engineered.
  9. We've just cracked TF3D's internals, and it seems it's not that impossible to make it a bit dumber so it won't use the GPU that hard (and I can program it so it would use the stock applications from omnia instead of the HTC ones). If we're closer to the finish I'll definitly ask you guys for a 21000+ ROM, so I cold test it on the omnia as well. But that's still a bit further
  10. We're porting stuff from the leaked HTC Rhodium to HTC Raphael, and the new gwes (after 21000) has a lot of very useful finger-friendly additions. I hope someday they will be used in omnia as well
  11. Tool against shy ROM cookers: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=496254
  12. xml2reg sometimes waits for an enter to finish, but this means some error int he files usually, or in your environment
  13. I'm always here. just shout. I'm preparing something... not ROM related though.
  14. usually it's the IRDA that removes BT. But sometimes removing Office did remove BT too.
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