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  1. If it's a custom rom, do a nandroid... Then trash it and stick a gingerbread build on it! I'd give the Overcome Experience a whirl, if you don't like it, you can go back to stock 2.3.3/4. http://www.teamovercome.net/
  2. reflash again you may want to repartition using the pit from the rom you're flashing
  3. The tab isn't confused. It's a massive phone. The nook colour has a hack of the Honeycomb VM which Google released for preview. If you want to know what Honeycomb does/has http://android.com
  4. I'd be very surprised if whatever Honeycomb port that IS released, will negate the use of the hard-touch buttons in lieu of on-screen buttons.
  5. Sauce has only *just* been released and I'm 100% sure that it will be posted either here or XDA when someone even starts a Galaxy Tab rom/port
  6. WiFi disconnect is still present, although it only appears to manifest itself when you activate a gps application such as gps test or open an app that uses gps... WiFi just dies until the app is closed and active gps stops. Extremely annoying ;)
  7. U:\Downloads>adb install com.some.apk 3365 KB/s (1196042 bytes in 0.347s) /sbin/sh: pm: not found What's the chances of getting this rubbish moved out of /sbin and properly working in /system/sbin ?
  8. Had to revert to original framework as google framework kept dieing, along with a host of other apps... Swype is also buggered here.. keeps FC'ing (original framework)
  9. Does this mean that changing artifacts, such as the battery icons (for the circle battery mod) will fail and/or cause boot loops?
  10. I'm assuming since this has been deodexed, themeing can ensue?
  11. No, you're not. It's a piece of s***. And FYI, I can't find a way to retrieve the downloaded eBooks and convert them into something legible
  12. Been there, done that. I don't have a hotmale account to test with, and I'm not about to create one to test. The issue isn't with accepting of SSL certs, the client is not even bothering to contact the exchange server in the first place. I've verified this by watching my IIS server for incoming connections. JJ7.5 works, however there is one caveat. You can't flash over JJ6 or JJ7, you have to wipe completely first :) Anything else causes Email.apk to FC with it bitching about databases whenever you open the damned thing. E/Database( 1560): close() was never explicitly called on database '/data/data/com.android.email/databases/EmailProviderBody.db' E/Database( 1560): android.database.sqlite.DatabaseObjectNotClosedException: Application did not close the cursor or database object that was opened here Not an ideal situation, but that's the price you pay for bleeding edge rom development
  13. R7 fixed the issue with Email.apk not being able to connect to any exchange server, however, when you try and open the program... it FC's :| Just about to test 7.5
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