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  1. Does your 21057 build have MMS? I'm looking for a lite 6.1 DC22 ROM with MMS.
  2. I didn't change any of the options on the UMDL. I followed the instructions, so I'm pretty sure I was only re-flashing the PDA portion. CC20 ROM is working great. Its only a matter of time before I give yours another shot.
  3. So I got the new phone and had the courage to finally flash to the CC20 ROM this evening. Appears to have worked fine. One issue, after the flash completed and the phone reset, I got a notification bubble on my PC stating "This USB hi-speed device will run faster if you connect it to a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port. Click here to see available hi-speed USB ports." So I clicked, and it seems to show all my USB ports are 2.0. I have an HP Pavilion dv2910... all 3 USB ports are supposed to be 2.0. I wonder if that was just a random message because of the phone reset, or if something is off with my USB port. Maybe this is what caused the brick when I tried to flash Wozzer's ROM last time. Who knows... I'll be sticking with the CC20 for a few days... at least until I work up the courage to try another flash.
  4. I've got the new one right in front of me! Just trying to figure out what went wrong so I don't brick this one!
  5. I did not do a hard reset after installing the CC20 ROM and before trying to install Wozzer's. Perhaps that caused an issue? Are we supposed to do a hard reset after installing CC20 and before installing cooked ROMs?
  6. I'm not in front of that computer, but it was a compressed file (RAR i believe) which WinRAR successfully opened and extracted the bin file. I'll check this when I get home, but I would be very surprised if the file was corrupted.
  7. About 10-15 minutes - relatively quickly. After I upgraded to the CC20 I did the following: 1) *228 to authorize the phone, 2) Sent a few text messages, 3) Switched both the phone and PC back to ActiveSync/Allow USB Connections respectively, 4) Soft reset phone, 5) Synced the phone to bring in my contacts, 6) Switched both the phone and PC back to sync with Mass Storage/ do not allow USB Connections respectively, 7) Soft reset phone, 8) Downloaded Wozzer's Stock 6.5 ROM, 9) Disconnected phone from PC, 10) Turned phone off, 11) Started UDML, loaded ROM into PDA section, 12) Connected phone to PC, 13) Turned phone on - ROM started downloading
  8. I definitely have USB 2.0. No idea what went wrong - I followed all the directions. <_<
  9. The ports on my computer are all supposed to be 2.0. Is there any way to check this?
  10. When the phone is in Monahans state, it will not power on - no matter what combination of buttons are pressed.
  11. Verizon is sending me a new one Wednesday. I just told them I woke up, my phone was off, and it wouldn't turn on. They couldn't figure out what was wrong, so they're replacing it. Good luck. I wish I knew what caused us to brick. I'd really like to use Wozzer's ROM, but without knowing what went wrong, I can't take the risk of bricking another.
  12. The same thing happened to my phone, and now it is in the so-called Monahans state where it won't power on and Windows asks for a Monahans driver. I have not seen any way of reflashing it from this state. I'd like to figure out what went wrong so that I can put Wozzer's ROM on my new Omnia when I get it later this week... if I can work up the courage to do so... lol.
  13. I did flash the CC20 ROM first, and that went smoothly. I can't get anything to flash now because its asking for a MONAHANS driver. I'm just hoping that I can tell Verizon I don't know why it won't boot up, and they'll replace it. Otherwise, it seems my only option is to send it to some guy in Romania. <_<
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