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  1. Fantastic looking rom Lioryte :) I'm alive, and mostly well. The Uni keeps me busier than I have time in the day, however. So I end up being scarce :(
  2. This does absolutely nil for the Omnia. THe Omnia has G enabled. At any rate, its been my experience that WMWifirouter 0.91 (the free one), only transmits B. THe pay for version connects at a full 54Mbps, if the signal quality is good enough.
  3. The original Omnia i900 is a world phone with GSM capability Really? So it supports CDMA? Once again, apples to oranges. Its your choice to choose a CDMA carrier.
  4. We aren't even talking about the same thing. I really don't think DSL over POTs can be compared to CDMA. Feel free to prove me otherwise.
  5. No, its Activesync OTA. It does not require you to be at a computer. However, it doesn't support Gmail...yet.
  6. I understand your concerns, but Windows Mobile is designed for business users, and that includes email. It is still RR's fault that they are blocking relaying. Verizon provided the service for free, but unless you can find it in a contract somewhere, it was by their grace, and not a requirement. So you are using dotster? Did you purchase email hosting with them? http://www.dotster.com/resources/support/faq-email How about forwarding your RR email to your [email protected]m and check it via their servers?
  7. This is also why Blackberry rules for email as well. BIS handles all this crap.
  8. We will have to see. I don't know that the announcement specifically says whether you will need to be on the Verizon network, or whether the email needs to have a Verizon email address in the the From settings. The thing is, I still don't understand the problem. Many, if not most companies offering business email allow relaying. If its a problem using personal email for business reasons, well it was never designed for that. I understand the whole thing of trying to save a buck or two, but you need to accept the limitations as well. I just did some short searching via Google and business class email from RR does allow authentication across other services. Make no mistake, if your email stops working for sending on the 29th, you should be upset at RoadRunner than Verizon. They are the ones who implemented the relaying block in the first place. I can offer you one easy free alternative. Sign up for Hotmail/Live. You can setup your email to be checked through there, as well as change your reply-to addresses to what you want.
  9. So, let me get this straight. You folks are mad at Verizon because its not going to be a world phone? Its not now, is it? Verizon is CDMA. Therefore, it only makes sense that their phones are mostly going to be CDMA only. The second thing. Did I read that someone is upset that the front facing camera is removed? You do know that CDMA tech does not currently allow concurrent data and voice transmission, right? The camera would be useless.
  10. A true hosting company, like goDaddy, does provide relaying. Here is how relaying works in a very basic sense. I'm a little rusty, being out of the ISP support business for many years, but here goes. If you are using RR (just a random example), they want to authenticate users who use their SMTP service. One way, is to accept it only from IP addresses on their network. Another, is to also check the from address and verify its a valid email address on the network. If you use their SMTP service on another provider, such as Verizon, then you will not be allowed access, and will get an error 5xx, which is a relaying denied error. Apparently, Verizon had their email setup so that users could use their email accounts on any provider, to send/receive. They are shutting the SMTP server relaying down, so now you must be on their network to use their SMTP server. Thats a far cry from what you are suggesting.
  11. I'm rewriting this reply and putting it one way. Business users should be on an exchange server, or they are at the mercy of other companies. Period. It will still be the case unless you have an SMTP server that requires you to be on their network to authenticate. If you are using Verizon's SMTP relaying service, then you were never sending it through your normal servers, you were sending it through the Verizon SMTP. Its not. [email protected] is, though, and the hosting service is most likely to give you an SMTP server you can use on other services. I think you are confused on how relaying works, but if you feel the need to boycott Verizon...by all means, go for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_mail_relay
  12. This is how it is supposed to look. This is another alternative. Depending on what you want: Screenshot 1 is obtained by unzipping the zip file to \Windows with something like Resco File Explorer. Screenshot 2 is obtained by installing the cab I attached. Small_Start_Menu_Icons.cab Larger_Grid_Scene.zip
  13. Use the correctly sized start menu grid files....or use a different selector.
  14. Did you try it? You cannot overwrite files in ROM with regular file explorer. It will take Total Commander, or Resco. Something like that.
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