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  1. I'm trying to update but it gets stuck at 16% of the process... 30 minutes pass already :(
  2. Thank you for your suggestion, but there was not any spanish XT9 dictionary. It only shows the search words, but there is nothing in the search results.
  3. Hello everyone. I just update my verizon omnia, but the sad notice for me was that the new ROM gets rid of the spanish XT9 input :) Anyone knows where to find that dictionary and how to install it. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello everyone, Anyone knows where to find and how to install a XT9 spanish dictionary on my updated I910? The new ROM gets rid of it!! I became a truly expert texting using the spansih XT9 keypad. Now, after installing the new ROM, I get unlocked GPS :excl: , and a whole career in texting messed up :excl: . Anyone can help me pls? :excl: John
  5. I used to text in spanish language using the XT9 spanish Keypad on my Omnia. But after installing the new I910 ROM, the XT9 Spanish dictionary has gone!!! :excl: Anyone knows how can I get the XT9 spanish dictionary?
  6. I just installed the new ROM without problems, but, where is my spanish XT9 dictionary :excl: ? There is any way I can get the Spanish XT9 to appear again? I only got English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.
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