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  1. So to wade in on the whole password/hashing thing, a few points: "Blowfish" by itself would be a terrible idea, however derivatives of it are used in a lot of password hashing routines, such as bcrypt (Which is very secure), - it's slightly worrying that Invision hasn't specified the exact algorithm they're using, but hopefully they will clarify further and it is a genuine hashing routine. That said, the post @PaulOBrien linked to above mentions that as of IPB v4, they're "migrating" to the still unknown cipher. What does that mean for users like me who signed up to the site many years prior? The password I used back in 2003 still works today and I have no idea if I have signed into the site since 2013 - how exactly did IPB do its migration? If they kept the old salted MD5's and waited for users to log in or change their passwords, that means a lot of users of the site have had their passwords completely exposed in this breach. I would strongly recommend changing your passwords and never using the one associated with this site anywhere else. @PaulOBrien - I would advise you to force a password reset site-wide for all accounts, just to be safe. There are too many questions and too many unknowns to take any risk. Furthermore, even if people's passwords were protected by a strong algorithm like bcrypt, that by no means suggests they're unbreakable, it's just slow and has to be done one at a time. For sure, you need to change/reset all of your administrator/moderator accounts at the very least. EDIT: I have just read through the comments of the IPB 4.0 page. @PaulOBrien you need to see this: According to "Mark" from IPB, the stored hash is only upgraded as users log in: They didn't do an in-place upgrade as it would be too slow. This means any users who have not logged in since Modaco upgraded to v4 have had their passwords exposed in this breach :( Regarding the hash itself, it seems they're using http://php.net/crypt with CRYPT_BLOWFISH which is a proper hashing algorithm.
  2. Wait wait wait.....NEW app? So I've bought Swiftkey, Swiftkey Tablet and now Swiftkey Flow? (Probably Swiftkey Flow Tablet as well).
  3. Yes, as I said the argument kind of makes sense on the Nexus 7 as Google is pushing their cloud services, but I seriously don't think they're there yet - and I dare say most would agree. Google Music isn't even out here yet =\
  4. Indeed, it harks way back to the "good ol' days" when smartphones came with 64Mb of internal storage and 64Mb of RAM. Seriously, 8Gb? What's the point? The Nexus 7 I can almost understand but they've discontinued that. Phones have come with 8Gb of storage for half a decade now, why on earth aren't we expanding further?
  5. One critical piece of information is missing: The price. If this was a £400 or £500 device like the Galaxy Nexus, then yeah I can see the issue. However, if it's £150? That changes things.
  6. Am I the only one that prefers to use Bluetooth headphones so it's a non-issue?
  7. I'm guessing it's impossible to track the impressions? Even so, if there's an impression based android ad service, that could work as well. Didn't Angry Birds show video clips and such within the app? That has to be impression based and I wouldn't mind watching a clip or looking at an ad every now and then for some free "credits" or whatever. Then again, it's starting to sound a lot more complicated than perhaps what Koush was planning, so I'm not sure how much effort it's really worth.
  8. Well I was actually referring to ads within the emails themselves, not the program.
  9. Furthermore, I know it's a bit more work, but if you use impression-based ads and have the server supply "credits" automatically when an impression is detected (to stop people hiding the ads), then you'd have quite a little earner on your hands. And, of course, offer the subscription for those that don't want ads. Pretty win-win.
  10. The server costs don't sound particularly high, would they have to make a lot of money? I think it'd be worth trialing for the beta.
  11. Sorry, I am not an android developer, but I believe the official gmail app was built with all the same APIs as any other Android app, so is there no way to build that functionality in? If you have to set up a subscription of sorts, it's not going to be 1-click any more =P Sorry, even if it cost 30c a year, I'd be reluctant to pay. I'd rather just pay up front for the app and have it, but I'm a bit funny like that. I do quite like the idea of it being ad supported though, the emails at the moment are pretty blank, so why not throw some ads in there?
  12. Perhaps I'm being a bit naive, but I don't see why this app couldn't use your existing gmail account to work? From what I can tell, the process works like this - You receive an SMS, so the app contacts the server and the server sends you an email in the format of [email protected], i.e. the phone number @domain.com To reply, you just reply to the message. The server must see who the reply came from and inform the app to dispatch an SMS to the number at the beginning. So, theoretically, I don't see why your existing gmail couldn't do this, thanks to the way that gmail handles the "+" character. Let's say my email is [email protected] (it isn't, btw), why can't an email be dispatched to [email protected]? Replies would work in exactly the same way, all the app has to do is check your gmail for emails from yourself with a number in the address. If the address is the hard part, it could potentially even do it by subject. Like I said, perhaps I'm just naive as to what's possible, but in my mind I don't see why this wouldn't work. I love the app and find it incredibly useful, but I don't think I could pay a subscription for it.
  13. The "facebook" application is the "facebook" bit and the "facebook for HTC Sense" goes into friend stream, as far as I'm aware. I don't know if it's related, but for a while now, Handcent hasn't been grabbing people's images from facebook like it used to.
  14. Possible bug? I only just noticed this so I don't know how long I've had it, but I went into accounts & Sync and noticed that my facebook account wasn't listed (there was Facebook for HTC sense, but not plain ol' Facebook). I have the Facebook application installed via the Kitchen. Anyway, when I try to add the account, it lists Facebook (along with google, twitter, etc.) but when I select it, nothing happens.
  15. So far the only issues I'm having are the Sense homescreen crashing/restarting and the Wireless randomly dropping out/disconnecting. The only way to get wireless back is to turn it off and back on again.
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