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  1. To Nauro Jr: Do you have the background weather animation as the HD2 has?
  2. the link copied in Post #1 re the NoData App does not work Can someone help pls? I am trying to use the MoreWigdets via Activesync or Wifi but my Omnia automatically switches on the GPRS. Will this App help?
  3. can someone help please, i have the same problem
  4. I have recently purchased the tv out cable and was trying to play some movies from the coreplayer. I cannot fit the picture to full screen..tried a lots of preferences but still couldn't make it. on the other hand the windows media player acitivates the full screen by itself but the only prob is that it cannot play different codecs (xvid ..) Just simple .avi (is there a new version?) Can some one help pls?
  5. it true? can we change by default the name of the file upon saving? this folder this is really nunsense. Can we for example same our images by date and time? ex: 03500909032009 meaning - seconds - minutes - hours - day - month -year
  6. thanks a lot guys for your effort! we really appriciate your dedicated time
  7. this looks really amazing!! even me..I'll definatley switch back to SPB after the M2D!!
  8. Hi What is the last icon shown in your taskbar? the 3 horizontal dashed one with a drop down menu?
  9. hi..Can PCM CONTACT be loaded on the Omnia...those pics looks impresive...the besr Sms chat program I`ve seen so far... it is shown in the link of the HTCtoucher.. does anyone know?
  10. Hi All, This is the very first theme I'm posting..hope you like it! I have also reworked the following: 1. Edited HTCHomeSettings so that the SMSes preview is much longer as you can see in the attached pic 2. 2 different clocks - one for AM and the other for PM 3. Centered all the weather images and enlarged them as possible 4. The Photos and Videos images are in portrait format so they are shown a bit bigger http://rapidshare.com/files/189803559/Diamond_Maltese_Cross.zip
  11. :) i managed to centralise the icons but they are still small..is there a tweak or a setting to change them?
  12. hi all, I had to do a hard reset as m memory was very low and re installed the M2D. For some reason the wather icon seems to be smaller and when I change theme it tends to side on the upperlift side. Can somebody help pls?
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