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  1. Hi! Have you ever wanted to know who is calling before answering? Now you can! Supported in more than 20 countries. You can download the application free at http://www.truecaller.com Supported countries : - Austria - Belgium - Cambodja - Canada - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - Estonia - France - Germany - Greece - Iceland - Israel - Italy - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Norway - Peru - Philippines - Romania - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - US Youtube video: Some info: *gets name/adress of unknown caller/sms:er *can handle manual searches too *can save info to contacts *displays a small log of ID:s *can be hidden into the background and then displayed again by pulling the stylus out Requirements: 3G Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5 TrueCaller_1_0.cab
  2. Use pocketplayer, it´s much better. You can configure the equalizer, listen to shoutcast etc. AND you can also press the power button to turn of the screen which you cant do in WMP cause it stops the music...
  3. Yeah exacly, the thing is that I called samsung and asked about this problem and he said that he has never heard about this problem before and also that his colleague who have this phone hasnt bumped into this problem. So I suppose this is a problem with not all samsungs. Not just because he said so but I´ve asked around on another forum where people don´t this problme.
  4. Well, my touchpad doesnt work when i´m outside and the sun gets to the touchpad. Am I´m the only on who has this problem??
  5. I also got it like a month ago. Phone: Samsung SGH-I600 ROM: Windows Mobile 6 Network: Tele2 Comviq Country: Sweden
  6. but it doesnt work on my phone so no big biz:P
  7. Visit this site, you´ll see when your flag will be available. http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/index.jsp At the moment they only support netherland and russian phones
  8. I think it will be released tomorrow. Regards
  9. Actully, i doesnt work. It says Incorrect software version. Check the device... Well let´s wait till the UK flag gets available on the website
  10. I was just about to post this link:D Thanks mate!
  11. actully, that wasnt what i´re looking for but thanks anyway. Regards
  12. Hi guys, I´ve been looking for a program that locks the keypad on my WM5 SP. The thing is that i wanna make my right softkey to run that application so I can always lock the keypad instead of holding the red button cause i don´t like that:P Thanks!
  13. LOL @all this. b_conquistador got some good points there but as chucky says, they have rules and if you don´t like it you can go somewhere else. And actully I think its good that we have forums where they don´t encourage people to do illegal stuff cause I believe that most of the people who come to modaco with bricked phones are people who read the crazy stuff on other sites like xdaforum and comes here to get their problems solved. If you keep reading on modaco you´ll understand that you´re not supposed to upgrade your phone with roms from other vendors that don´t have the same hardware. There are alot of clever members at this forum with good experience.
  14. EDIT: NOW AVAILABLE FOR NORDIC, SWEDEN ETC Hi guys, talked to the samsung support last week and they confirmed that an WM6 ROM will be available at the end of this month! Great news!! I talked to the Swedish Samsung support so lets just wait and see:) she told me to visit samsungmobile.com to see the update. I´ll get back to you as soon as it comes up! EDIT: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/net/sub03.jsp
  15. Oh crap, I´m using WPA PSK. that really sucks! Gotta find a solution for that one. Seriously, how is this even possible? Why can´t they solve this? I´ve been using WM for 8 years now and but used symbian for a year and now changed back to WM and it´s a damn big diffrence between symbian on nokia n73 and WM. There are so many bugs and problems in the software. Just trying to make an dialup connecting takes alot of time the first time... well this sucks! Thanks anyway mate!
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