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  1. I still cannot have the USB connection on a USB port PC It was ok yesterday night ...and disapear today :(
  2. THe USB no work for me No possible to see the SD card on the PC Nothing happens when i connect to USB port PC<br><br>Correction : i format my SD card<br>Reinstall and now USB is working<br>
  3. No problem to install Start very quicly no problems No problem to install apps But now reboots reboots reboots alone every 15 minutes, 20 minutes ... Very unstable ...:( Someone has an idea ? Because i cannot use my phone
  4. I use Cyanogen since 8 days now and once more the battery is out of order this morning I go sleep with 97% charge I wake up. Phone off and when i start it again it was at 4% battery ! No wifi no data. All was off yesterday night. :blink:
  5. battery drain is very important in 3G In WIfi I can use the phone very very long time Freeze a lot alone with very little work, reboot Android alone :mellow: I am very happy and stay on ANdroid, thank all the team Now i think need to work on stability
  6. SAme same :rolleyes: I install it without format anything and all my applications and settigns are here. Widgets too :rolleyes:
  7. Has somebody test the GPRS ? Because i had problems with GPRS and come back to older ROM from Gary. I am the only one with GPRS problems ? If yes i will flash it again :D
  8. Hi Gary Hope you are fine I have no problem with battery but i don't use weather update of Today I have problems with GPRS. It works for small traffic but no for "big" packets. For exemple i can update the weather on SPB but i can't download and install Windows Market Place (sometimes, i download only 1 KB, sometimes 63 kb ....) ANd cannot use Outlook for downloading e-mail Maybe I think i will go back to your last ROM WHat are the advantages of this new one ? HAve good holidays
  9. Thanks for your new rom I will try it today and send feed back I still have to pay you a beer when i will go to BKK ! :D
  10. I downloaded the ROM and installed it No problem for the moment like usual with your ROM's Gary. Will try more and send back
  11. Maybe we could write a "Thai Modaco" and talk about Chang Beer, farengs, songkran, etc ... ;) ;) and sometimes talk about ROMs . :P :P
  12. Don't want you have problems with your wife !! Take your time ! ;) I have to pay you a beer in BKK, or 2. I don't forget. Maybe at the end this month ? You will stay in BKK ?
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