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  1. thanks the_ape that worked great. spvdk we need less posts like that on this forum.
  2. When i start tomtom i cant click the i agree button on the terms and conditions. The phone makes a lick to show ive pressed the right soft key but nothing happens. Im sure i read about a fix somewhere but ive just spent an hour searching through posts and i cant find it! I'd be greatful for any help! cheers, Nick
  3. actually you dont actually "own" any software. When you buy a piece of software your only buying the rights to use it and within the terms and conditions it clearly state that any "modding" is not allowed. the same is for films and music. You can only buy the rights to listen or watch, which is why you cannot share or sell it.
  4. Is it possible to use activesync the other way around and access files that are on your pc through your smartphone?
  5. I'm having problems with jMMS everytime i install it hangs in the inbox. after reading this post http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=98463 it became clear what the problem was so i followed the instructions, hard reset, and installed to ipsm (even formattedstorage card). Everything appeared fine! until i restarted the phone, which caused it to hang again in the inbox. :P p.s. im running the generic 2002 rom thanks!!
  6. ive finally recieved the app rom orange to unlock my mpx! though im still having the same problem, ive installed it but it says 'this program will allow you to change the security setting' so how do i change it one installed? Thanks!
  7. thanks! what email address did you send to? i've emailed orange tech support but im not sure if thats the one you mean?
  8. I got my mpx a couple of weeks ago and using this excellent guide i decerted it no probs! but after a hard reset, i don't get the confirmation message from orange :roll: my imei is registered and i have a new mpx so its the only way. i've tried loads of times but it just wont work. any ideas?? cheers
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