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  1. Maybe should ask Dell for a blank device, its build still needs be covered by a warranty and if Dell are prepared to sell cheaper than one with an official OS then developers would be happy too. Then it can be modded to your own personal preference.
  2. Anybody can put a custom rom on their device but most people don't want to invalidate their warranty or chance bricking their overly expensive new toy. The fact stands, unless you custom mod your streak it does not currently do flash.
  3. Flash will be supported in 2.2 froyo, it is not currently supported in 2.1. Streaming is not flash.
  4. There is no flash! Reading the advertising lies and not checking facts
  5. If anyone thinks the Dell Streak is great then its pretty sad that people are easily pleased with a poor design. Obviously no design experience and easily parted with their money with false advertising promises.
  6. iphone sucks, bit like the new windows mobile 7 OS. Microsoft have replicated the iphone only very badly.
  7. Dell Streak is the worst smartphone design I have ever encountered. Apart from its beta concept design (Would in no way come close to passing my companies design standards) lack of software testing and zero customer support it does nothing that they promised for the business community. Dell deserve an ass kicking over this fiasco, but do they care no! they have your money and thats it. If its support you are looking for then you will get better support from Buying a Truss. Class Action legal suit is needed otherwise Dell will continue to to ask you to pick up the soap (Hence the pain in the Ass you feel everytime you have to deal with Dell) All in all the Dell Streak does not meet the conditions of the sales of goods act. It is not fit for the purpose its sold. Ask for your money back because its not going to get any better only worse.
  8. It seems like a conspiracy, but all the new windows phone 7's have fixed memory. There is no option for your micro-sd card and you have only the choice of 8 or 16Gb devices.I can only guess Microsoft has restricted memory size too. Microsoft believe in freedom and liberty for all so long as your WM7 phone does not exceed 16Gb :P If microsoft are hoping to compete against Apple then they have failed before they start. Apple offer 8-16 and 32Gb devices. I hate Zune, and why no compatability with outlook! Only way around it is to copy all your outlook files and transfer them to windows live. OK It was pretty easy to personalize my HD7 but for one thing!! Ringtones, yes they give you a choice of a few million :D but I want my own mp3 ringtones. Why no mp3 editor or facility to put in your own ringtones. Maybe Microsoft have left it out on purpose so they cannot be charged with aiding and abetting copyright infringement while I trim up my new ringtone from some chart hit :D Build quality is as expected! Great! just a shame they did not follow through with a metal battery cover like on the HD2.
  9. How to Manually Update Dell Streak to Android 2.1 eclair 1. Download the Android 2.1 .pkg file and rename it to Update.pkg 2. Transfer Update.pkg to the root directory of your microSD card. 3. Power off the device. 4. Now while holding the volume up or down buttons, turn the device back on. 5. You should now be in recovery mode. Select the second option. 6. Wait, then wait some more, and you’re done! Let the phone reboot and enjoy Android 2.1 on your new Dell Streak. (Image Credits : streaksmart.com) (Via Phandroid)
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